budapest garden
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Budapest trip-The amazing travel through the history

Here i am writing this article in the Wizzair plane on my way to Skopje. My trip to Budapest , no the first time tho was an amazing expirience. Visiting things i havent seen before , going to places where i couldnt go in my previous visits of this amazing place. I arrive at the airport early in the morning on 28th of august. Got instruction how to get from there to my friend place Read more…

tel aviv downtown
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Tel Aviv- place where modern and traditional meet

Since 2007 i was several times in Tel Aviv, 2007,2008,2009, 2014-2015 spend 11 months there. Tel Aviv slowly but surely become my favorite place. Someone love it because of the fantastic weather, someone because of the great food, someone for the nightlife… Me, well me loves all this and much more.City that never sleep, yet have some silence in the morning when you sit at the beach. Brief history and general info about Tel Aviv Read more…

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Romantic gateaway in Europe – Top 7

Its not Valentine yet but we all search for some romantic place to travel with our partners.We made a list of 7 best romantic destination in Europe. Places where you can enjoy with your love one. Cities that offer lot of small corners that will wake up the romantic feelings inside you. 1.Romantic gateway-Sintra/Portugal Sintra┬áis a jewel set between the mountains and the sea.Waiting to be discovered by all who dare lose themselves in its Read more…

skopje gate
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Skopje- experience the real hospitality of East

Skopje as a capital city of Macedonia is one of the most visited places in the country. Together with Ohrid always attract tourist all year around. History of Skopje start in the roman time, Justinian the First was born in Skopje for instance.City is rich with ancient things like Roman Aquaducts and Goverlevo sculpture that point how old and important was this city through out the history. 1963 Skopje was hit by a strong earthquake Read more…

sibiu transylvania
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Transylvania trip- Visiting Sibiu and Ludos

Transylvania is one of my favorite place to go , always want to visit this area because is wonderful and so mystical. I got a new opportunity to travel to there i jump in and get ready for new adventure. My friends where on their way from Hungary and we supposed to meet at the Romanian border with Serbia. Few words about Transylvania area before i write about my experience. Transylvania is area in central Read more…

piran slovenia
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Best beaches in Slovenia- Adriatic pearl of Europe

First time when you heard about Slovenia is always a mountain getaway, an alpine paradise .Well not far from the truth to be honest with you Slovenia it is an mountain paradise with all that alpine beauty around and picturesque villages and little towns. But also have a 47 km or something like that of a Adriatic coast. Several smaller cities and villages scattered around. I was writing a lot about Slovenia but this time Read more…