Denmark street stroget

Denmark- Land of wonderful culture and nice scenery

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When a friend ask me about what i like about Denmark i said 3 things- Lovely scenery , super clean country and fantastic beer . But there is plenty other things to see and do. One of the most famous writer Hans Christian Andersen is born in Denmark. This article is not enough long to explain all things what you…

cardiff center

Cardiff- City with culture , tradition and history

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Many people would not know where is this city , but Cardiff is one of the most beautiful in UK. City it self is full with history and tradition. Cardiff is capital city and financial center of Wales.  My search for something new end up with this idea of visiting Cardiff. From the first moment i felt in love in…

fortress rumeli

Fortress of the world- Most magnificent fortification in the world

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Fortress were build to resist the attacks back in the history. Many of them still remain till today, overlooking the cities. This quite witnesses of the past are still beautiful and mystical as they were on the begging. Here i list of 6 most beautiful fortresses in the world according to my personal opinion . 1. Rumeli Fortress, Turkey Once…

may - kefalonia

May Vacation-Best hidden beaches in Europe

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May is if you ask me is the best month for traveling. Weather is fantastic in most of the world and you can travel off season. Temperature raise in May and still prices are not like in high season.  Made a List of best 5 hidden beaches in Europe that will welcome you with all their beauty . 1. May…

monkey temple kathmandu

Kathmandu – Place where Ancient spirit still exist

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Situated in Kathmandu valley , Kathmandu capital of Nepal offer plenty of things to be seen. The city stands at an elevation of approximately 1,400 metres (4,600 feet) above sea level in the bowl-shaped Kathmandu Valley of central Nepal. The valley is historically termed as “Nepal Proper” and has been the home of Newar culture, a cosmopolitan urban civilization in the…

Easter Holiday – best 5 Easter travel destinations

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Starting from today Christian world celebrate the Easter weekend. Many travel destinations offer discount for this weekend. I made a list of 5 best places to be for Easter. On the other hand, if you are just looking for some milder air, gentle sunshine and a first taste of spring, some parts of southern Europe can be stunning at this time…

canal utrecht

Utrecht, The Netherlands alternative city break

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Everyone talk about Amsterdam when someone mention Holland. No one thing about traveling to some other place, maybe Eindhoven because of the cheap flights or Rotherdam because is the biggest port in Holland. But there is one place that is equal lovely as Amsterdam- Utrecht. Few years ago when i was thinking to travel to Holland, was searching for alternative…

stargazing chile

Stargazing -Find out which places are best for star watching

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Universe is an amazing place to be in. All those stars and landscape create an outstanding picture that is embedded in our minds forever.  Stargazing is another wonderful thing to do if you are traveling the globe and seek for something interesting to do and see. There is some places where you can enjoy in watching of the stars till…

south america trek bolivia

South America adventure-Best Hikes in South America

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South America is rich with lot of mountains and lot of jungles. Beside this South America is rich with wonderful beaches and many other thing. Home of one of the highest mountain range in the world Andes this region offer fantastic condition for hiking. Although there is some super difficult hikes like Patagonia but still there is many mid and…

munich park

Munich – discover the beauty of Bavarian city

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Munich…. What ever i said about this lovely city will be more or less known. City its self is so popular among the tourists that not many things left unknown.  But my idea is not to write about what you can see or not see there , idea is to present my vision and how i saw the city. Munich…