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11 of the hidden beach in Europe that you don’t know about it

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There is so many hidden beach out there in Europe that we have no idea about it. Many of them can be hide from the tourists just to not spoiled the beauty of them. We made a list of 11 best hidden beaches in Europe. 1. Praia de Ursa beach, Portugal This seriously secluded spot is reserved for the very, very…


Nesvizh Castle the most wonderful castle in Belarus

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Belarus in general is not so popular touristic destination. This country have many things to offer to the tourists ,one of them is the Nesvizh castle.Located in the central Belarus this little city is the home of one of the most wonderful castles in Europe. As a big fan of castles i was constantly search for new and not so…

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Holiday in June-Best places to go in June

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June is usually the month when the season slowly start and people goes on their holidays. We made a list of best places to go in June. Check them out and decide what will be the best places for you to go on vacation this year. 1.Tokyo holiday destination Average temperature in June: 26°C ask a Japanese person what’s good…

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Budva- Mondem place on Adriatic Riviera

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Montenegro is special and i would say magical place. Landscape is outstanding and beautiful. Adriatic coast is amazing , combination of mountains and rocks make coast more picturesque. Budva is one of the most visited place in Montenegro. Very touristic and popular. Some places are high class with parked yachts and rich hotels, others are for low budget travelers like…

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Cappadocia – Ancient place build up to Amaze till today

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Traveling to Turkey and visiting one of the most iconic and historical region Cappadocia is like you never been to Turkey. Many people have visit this ancient region in Central Turkey. Way more of them write something about this wonderful area and structures that ancient civilization build into the landscapes. But still no matter how much you write or try…

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Best trips in May- Best holidays in May

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We are at half of the month of April and slowly closing on May. We made a list of the best trips to make in May. If you still didn’t decide where to go consider some of those options. Spring gate aways for you and your friends. 1.Puerto Vallarta Mexico If you are living in the eastern half of the…

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Living and working in Durban- digital nomad story

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This is my personal story about how i got the idea and how is to living and working in South Africa. Idea about going to South Africa was existing many years since first time i saw pictures from Cape Town that my friend shows me back in 1999. I was amaze by the beauty and since than somewhere in back…

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Top 10 Castles To Visit In Slovakia- Guest post

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Slovakia has more than 300 castles, forts, fortified monasteries – some of them beautifully restored and the others that have fallen into ruins. You are never more than an hour away from a castle worth seeing.   1. Spiš castle Spis is one of the largest castles in Central Europe and a truly impressive one. It was built in the 12th…

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Rab , trip to Croatian most amazing island

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Croatia have more than 1000 islands scattered all around the Adriatic sea. All of them have their unique beauty and is difficult to choose which one is best.For some reason i`ve been several times to Croatia but never been to Rab. Many people were telling me about Rab , how wonderful is and that i must visit next time when…

Trip to Thasos- Greek most northern island

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Greece is well known for the beauty of their islands. Also we all known that there is so many island scattered around the Aegean sea and Ionian sea. Thasos is one of them 12 biggest island in the Greek Archipelago. Thasos is part of the Kavala administrative area and is not far from Thessaloniki, that make Thasos very accessible for…