October vacation list -Best places to go

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October in many countries from the North hemisphere can be consider as a off season but in southern hemisphere is start of the season. Many countries still have enough sun for you to enjoy and get some tan. With September slowly fading away i decide to made a list of vacation locations for October. 1.Costa Brava – Spain Anyone who…

longest trail

Longest Hikes in the world-Dream hikes list

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Around the globe there is so many long trails.  Some of them longer than 1000km . Idea for making this article for longest trails comes from the last information that i read somewhere about North America trail connecting USA and Canada. Few months ago i also write about several trails in Europe and Asia. Me my self is a huge…

Veles- city of culture and rich history

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Located in the center of the country Veles has been always place where many things were happening. As a person born here and raise in this lovely city I know lot for the cities history and present… In this article I will share all good things about my lovely city. History of Veles Veles exist with more than 1 000…

nature living forest

Nature living- Living in harmony with the nature

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Eco tourism and  the nature living are more and more popular among travelers. What was a taboo for many people now becoming more interesting and available . Me personally is a big fan of spending a vacation , or just a day trip to the nature . Hiking , camping , volcano visiting all this is perfect vacation for me…

monasteries popa

Monasteries in the sky – Top 5 highest in the world

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There is some beautiful monasteries located in the mountains on the high altitude. From all four corners of the world we bring you a list of most exciting monasteries in the world. 1.Khor Virap monasteries Armenia Originally established in 642 CE, the Khor Virap (Armenian for “deep dungeon”) Monasteries did not take on its current and final incarnation until the…

september zanzibar

September holidays- Where to go in September

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August is slowly passing and we must think about where to go in September. Season in most of the world will end up in september but in some corners of this planet will just begin. Here on Myamazingtravel we made a list of places where we advice you to take your vacation if you havent done yet. Paxos – Greece…

crete chania

Crete – Island with endless beauty and fascinating past

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Crete island as a biggest island in Greece and in Mediterranean sea attract lot of stories from the ancient time. Lot of myths are connected with this island and lot of temples can be seen around. But Crete is not just ancient ruins place. Crete is island where you can enjoy in fantastic weather throughout the whole year and some…

detian waterfalls

Waterfalls countdown-5 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World

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Waterfalls as a natural wonder are so amazing that many of us are fascinated by them. There is different type of waterfalls , some are tropical some are not. No matter where they are they always show their beauty . Waterfalls stand for another thing- power of the nature. I would guide you through what i believe are the most…

issyk kul

Issyk Kul Lake – pure beauty in Central Asia

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Issyk Kul Lake is one of the biggest lakes in Asia. Over 180 km long and 70 km wide is biggest lake in Kyrgystan and of course in central Asia. Location of the lake and amazing landscape around make this lovely place to be magnet for a adventuress  like me. Long time was thinking about going to Issyk Kul Lake  and finally…


5 most adventuress things i would like to do it in my life

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Many of us has a bucket lists and of course desires what to see and where to go. Im an adventures person and love to experience some new things and learn about some new ways of traveling. My bucket list is consist by hiking to some remote places, seeing some wonderful landscapes and traveling on a special way through some…