Traveling to North Macedonia and not visiting Ohrid is like you haven`t been to North Macedonia .Ohrid is located on shores of Lake Ohrid, ancient city of Lihnidos was pre-existing the modern city of Ohrid.

As a city Ohrid and the Lake are under protection of UNESCO. Old town is example how authentic North Macedonia architecture was looking. Ohrid as a spiritual center is home of hundreds of churches and also starting point of Macedonian Orthodox fate.

How to get in Ohrid

Ohrid have an airport that is connected through the cheap flights with some major cities in Europe. WizzAir operate from cities like Brussels, Vienna and others especially during the summer when seasson start. Many connections from Netherlands to Ohrid as well especially since TUI the Dutch operator start operating this tour.

If you decide to land in Skopje than you should have on mind that Ohrid is 160 km from Skopje. Airport transfer from Skopje to Ohrid is possible. Getting first bus that cost you 3 euro to the city of Skopje and from there catch a bus to Ohrid.

Buses from Skopje to Ohrid will cost you between 450 Denars one way ( 7,5 euros) and 520 denars (8,5 euros). Return ticket is around 700 denars ( 12 euros) . Buses are frequent.

Renting a car would cost you around 40 euros a day with full tank.Options to pick up from Ohrid airport as well.

Things to see and do in Ohrid

As i said on the beggining Ohrid is full with things that you can enjoy in . Let`s start from the most iconic landmark in Ohrid- Samuel Fortress

Located on the top of the hill this fortress from 10th Century AD as a mark of the Samuel rulling. During his reign he made Ohrid his strategic and political center and capital. Ohrid was center of his kingdom till entrance of the Byzantine empire in 1018.

Samuel Fortress view on Lake Ohrid
Samuel Fortress- Ohrid

Near to the fortress is one of the most beautiful churches in Ohrid, Plaosnik. Wonderful view on the city and lake it self.

On Plaošnik has been discovered the baptistery of the five aisle basilica with hooked crosses (swastikas) on the mosaic floors which date from the period between 4th and 6th century. It is assumed that this early Christian basilica at Plaoshnik upon which the Kliment’s monastery was built in the 9th century, was dedicated to St. Paul the Apostle who preached Christianity in Lychnidos (present-day Ohrid) in the 1st century A.D.

On 10 October 2007, a deposit of approximately 2,383 Venetian coins was discovered by archaeologists while excavating the monastery. This show how close was the connection between Ohrid and Venice especially when speak about trade.

Plaosnik Lake ohrid
St Kliment church on Plaosnik

Saint Jovan Kaneo is another beautiful church located in the old town Ohrid. Church is overlooking the lake Ohrid and is built in 14th century AD. near the church are the cave pre-christian churches as well.

lake ohrid kaneo
Saint Jovan Kaneo Lake Ohrid

Ancient amphiteatar is located in the old town of Ohrid, during the summer is place where lot of cultural events are held. Near the teather is the Saint Sofia church and many filigranic shops and house of Robevci as the most representative house in the city.

When you exit from the Old Town of Ohrid you step into the old Bazaar and pedestrian street where bars and many shops are. Place on the bank of the Lake Ohrid.

Port is there and many hotels around the center . Iwould suggest to check the over a 100 years old tree called Chinar in the center of this old bazaar. From there you have access to all public transport to the beaches and to Saint Naum monastery as well to some other places as Bay of Bones or Peshtani.

Saint Naum monestery in Ohrid

Monestery is located on the 28 km from the city of Ohrid, on the border with Albania. Is dated from 905 AD when Saint Naum built it on the bank of the Lake Ohrid. Today is one of the most visited places in Ohrid. The whole complex is amazing and tranquil. In teh church are Naum bones and his grave. Many people believ that if you put the ear on the plate of the grave you can hear his heart still till today.

Saint Naum Lake Ohrid

Legacy from the ancient time is the so call Bay of Bones located not far from Saint Naum monastery. Is a complex of ancient settlement made on platform into the lake Ohrid.

Food in Ohrid

Ohrid is aplace where you ca enjoy in some authentic food. Mainly is food connected with different types of preparation of the Ohrid famous fish- Ohrid trout. Also you can enjoy in some other dishes like Shirdan, Tavce Gravce and etc.All restaurants have traditioanl menu so dont be afraid to ask the local peeople what they will suggest to try.

Accomodation in Ohrid and near Lake Ohrid

Many hotels are located in Ohrid, prices goes from 30-80 euros per day. Also there is lot of guesthouses that offer even cheaper than that (20-25 euros). In season if you want to rent asingle bed than prices are 8 euro a day per bed.If you like more camping option there is a camps like Gradiste, Ljubaniste that offer this. This will cost you betwen 7-10 euros a day.


Ohrid is a wonderful place that can be interesting to visit all year around. People mainly visit in spring May or summer from June to August.You can also pay in other currency if you wish all places accept other currencies especially dollars and euros.

Signs in the cituy are clear and easy to read, all of them are n english too. Many places offer English, German language sign .

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