Here i am writing this article in the Wizzair plane on my way to Skopje. My trip to Budapest , no the first time tho was an amazing expirience. Visiting things i havent seen before , going to places where i couldnt go in my previous visits of this amazing place.

I arrive at the airport early in the morning on 28th of august. Got instruction how to get from there to my friend place where i should spend my 3 days. Going through the passport control was relativly fast and i was out in no time. There is a several option to get to the city, i took the shuttle bus 100 E that goes from the airport to the Deak Franz . Also you can get off in Kalvin square where i get off.

Shuttle bus is not part of the public transport company BKK in Budapest and therefor you cant used 72 hours pass or any other pass issued by BKK.I payed 900 forint for the trip to Kalvin. From there i use M4 metro to go to Ujbuda. Single ticket cost me 350forints. I arrive at Ujbuda where my friend was waiting me .

What to See and Do in Budapest

budapest budapest garden budapest tower


Ujbuda is the area near to all those interesting place to visit in Buda. Buda castle, Citadela where the liberty statue is, cave church in the bottom of the hill where citadela is, fisherman towers and so on.After i take a break i hit the road to see all those places.

From Ujbuda Kozpont you can take a number 41 tram to Gellert stop. From there you can go up to the hill where Cittadela is. Nice walk in a little forest and lot of stairs to go but when you arrive at the top all this effort will be awarded.

Archive Museum Budapest

Little bit further the hill when you come done to the river is archive museum.You can go up by the elevator and cable car but i was walking and really enjoy in the view from the top.Some restaurants and caffes up there . Also you can walk around and enjoy on the scenic view on Budampest.

Fishermans Towers

This iconic place in Budapest is one of the best i ever been . Tower it self look fascinating. When you go up you have some breathtaking view on city. I use the chance to walk around and enjoy in this unique chance . Budapest looks so beautiful from up there.

In the same complex is Buda Castle. A beautiful structure with amazing gardens and view on the city from the hilltop. It is a wonderful place to walk around and enjoy in the nature and buildings build with lot of love many years ago.

Margarita island- Budapest

One of the biggest island in Danube, recreational zone for people who live in Budapest and tourists. To there you can get with number 2 tram from the chain bridge to the island. Right after the magnificient Parlament building there is a stop where you get off. Cross the bridge and you are on the island. Nice organize spot, walking trails, fontaines, bars, restaurants. Even you have a roman ruins on the island. Also there is a hostel on the island so you can even stay there and spend some time wondering around.

We arrive late afternoon, walk a bit and sit on a beer in the hostel bar . Was nice and not expensive , after the drink we went to the fontain part. Lot of people sit around on the grass and enjoy.

Boat cruising Budapest

There is a public and hop on hop off boats that will take you around the budapest on danube. Public ones goes on hour or so , sometime might happened if the boat is full to not pick you up from the spot where you wait. If you have the pass from BKK you can used for this trip to. After we didnt manage to catch a boat for Ruma beach we decide to go on the other side. After 30 min walk from the gellert stop we arrive on this place.

Its always under som construction this place but still you can enjoy in nice dinning and drinks there . Little park on the bank of Danube is perfect for kids to play around or for us to sit and read a book or just relax.Prices of the food and drinks are bit expenssive but not that much.

Accommodation Budapest

So many hostels and hotels around the city. Prices vary from 8 euro a mixed dorm room to 20 euro private room.Hotels are all around, from luxury to budget . You can use airbnb as well. Budapest is so popular that is easy to find place to stay.


My impression from this trip were big. I like the markets like Varkart and old structures in the center of the city.Lot of green nature around Budapest.I will return back for sure in some other occation .