Since 2007 i was several times in Tel Aviv, 2007,2008,2009, 2014-2015 spend 11 months there. Tel Aviv slowly but surely become my favorite place. Someone love it because of the fantastic weather, someone because of the great food, someone for the nightlife… Me, well me loves all this and much more.City that never sleep, yet have some silence in the morning when you sit at the beach.

Brief history and general info about Tel Aviv

tel aviv downtown

Existing since the ancient time, Tel Aviv have a long history and always been very important for Israel. Third richer economy in the middle east. Most advanced IT industry and city with biggest number of start up in the world. Tel Aviv is visited by 2,5 milion people per year, making Tel Aviv one of the hottest touristic destination .Mediterranean sea bring fantastic climate, pleasant winters, hot summers.

Tel Aviv was founded on April 11, 1909. On that day, several dozen families gathered on the sand dunes on the beach outside Yafo to allocate plots of land for a new neighborhood they called Ahuzat Bayit, later known as Tel Aviv. As the families could not decide how to allocate the land, they held a lottery to ensure a fair division. 

Things to do in Tel  Aviv

There is many things to do and keep you occupied in Tel Aviv. I will write about all of them in short notes , always better to experience for your self and see with your own eyes.

-Yafo old city of Tel Aviv

tel aviv yafo

Rich with old architecture and narrow little streets, place where you can enjoy in some fantastic hummus dish. Yafo is part of Tel Aviv where you can still feel the old spirit of the city. Market place and the small shops make this are attractive for the tourist. Bridge of love where lovers show their love to each other. Yafo port where you can drink coffee eat fish , drink wine and enjoy in the magnificent view.

During the times of King Solomon, Jaffa’s port served as a gateway for cedars from Lebanon used to build the First Temple. It was also mentioned in the Old Testament as the port from which Jonah the Prophet embarked on his maritime journey, which resulted in him being swallowed by fish.

Over the years numerous conquerors passed through Jaffa’s gates and during the Ottoman Empire it was one of the region’s most important ports. In the late 1800’s, Jaffa’s ancient city wall was completely destroyed and the city expanded out into new areas.

tel aviv relaxing

Tel Aviv beachfront

Tel Aviv beach front is one of the most beautiful areas in the city. Lot of beautiful beaches, well organize with everything that might need you. Beaches are stretch from Bat Yam on south to North Tel Aviv on the edge of the Hayarkon park.

On this beachfront many hotels and restaurants , as well as place to walk and drive your bicycle. Beaches are also equip with outdoor gym equipment.

tel aviv beachfront


Tel Aviv Marina is located in the north part of the city, place where you can enjoy in a nice walk.Many nice restaurant for dining tho more expensive than some other areas in Tel Aviv , yet good place to have a dinner.Marina its on the border of the Yarkon park, place where you can enjoy in the walk,kayaking. Yarkon is the biggest park in Tel Aviv, not far from the city center.

BEN GURION memorial house

If you are into the shopping than Dizengof center and the street with the same name are perfect for you.Dizengof center is located in the city center, easy reachable. Place where lot of bars are located, not far from there is the Ben Gurion house. The founder of Israel and first prime minister is a historical figure. Therefor might be interesting for you to visit his house.

TEL AVIV nightlife

Many clubs and bars, nightlife in Tel Aviv is consider as one of the best and most lively in the world. Going out there is not so cheap i must say. Drinks goes from 4-8 euros. Entrance in most of the clubs is around 10 euros. Many clubs also offer packages where you can pay once and drink as much as you can.

If you are a electronic music fan, Tel Aviv is perfect for you.Parties every day , and everywhere around the city. Cult clubs and most famous are Cats and Dogs,Bootleg,  The Block, Comfort and many more… most of them located in iconic part Florentin.

beach in tel aviv


If you are into the art, culture , than Neve Tzedek is area for you. Located in the center offer some unforgettable walk around the narrow street. Lot of exhibition and art caffes where you can enjoy. Look of this part is still authentic since the time when was build.


Place where most of the modern bars and clubs are located. Full with restaurants and place where you can enjoy in stylish going out.


Located in the city center near to the beachfront and Neve Tzedek area Karmiel market offer possibilities to enjoy in the shopping of all kind of spices. Market place have everything you need. Place where you can buy some outstanding halva or maybe some juice fruit.

Transportation in Tel Aviv

Public transport is well organize, you have buses to everywhere. In 2011 they start with building of a tram infrastructure that should be complete in 2021, 2024. Buses are well organize and on time. You can pay single rides or you can issued a pri paid or post paid card. Pri paid is worth 6 single rides, you constantly put money on the card in order to travel around.

Also you can use some of the so called Monit Sherut buses, shuttle buses that operate all day long, just they are bit reduce in the Sabbath.Its very important to remember that public transport is almost stop for sabbath.From 18-00 at friday to 18-00 at  Saturday.So if you can dont booked your flights for this period.

Taxis are good but expensive. Transport from the airport to the city can be done with buses, train or taxi. Trains are my favorite and they goes from 3rd terminal to the city and of course vice versa.

Accommodation in Tel Aviv

Airbnb is very popular and good option for you if you visit the city. Hostels in Tel Aviv are good and not expensive. You can easy find for 10 euro a bed in dorm rooms. Hotels on the other side are expensive and i would not recommend to you unless you have bigger budget so you can afford that.