Skopje as a capital city of Macedonia is one of the most visited places in the country. Together with Ohrid always attract tourist all year around. History of Skopje start in the roman time, Justinian the First was born in Skopje for instance.City is rich with ancient things like Roman Aquaducts and Goverlevo sculpture that point how old and important was this city through out the history. 1963 Skopje was hit by a strong earthquake , world help Skopje to be rebuild and to looks like its look today.

skopje bridge

How to get to Skopje

With the raise of the number of the low budget flights to and from Skopje the city constantly is visit by tourists on this way. Skopje can be access via the buses and of course train as well. From the airport to the city you can arrive by the bus that cost 3 euros a way. Taxi will cost you at least 25 euro from airport to Skopje .

If you get to Skopje by the bus than you will arrive in the central bus station which is on the same place as a train station and is on the walking distance from the city center.There is connection with all major cities in the region or in Europe. Trains arrive on the train station , connection with Belgrade once a day , and from there you can go where ever you want.

Things to do and see in Skopje

First i would introduce you to some ancient ruins around like the Aquaducts that are located a bit off the village of Vizbegovo. Not so nice road will take you there but once you arrive there you will enjoy in the silence of the nature and into the appearance of this structure. Seems like the time not influence much on them and they still look pretty fascinating.

Vodno mountain is the mountain that is the closest to the city. The cross of the top overlooking the city is visible from far away. You can walk up there through the forest or drive up on the nice road. Also cable cars are available for enjoying in a wonderful view on Skopje from the bird point.Near Vodno is the village of Nerezi, place where you can see many Byzantine churches and also enjoy in some ethno restaurants with beautiful view.

skopje matka

If you are more into the caving i will suggest Matka canyon and the Vrelo cave, one of the biggest in Macedonia. The lake is big and beautiful , surroundings are fascinating and old church and the cave complete the beautiful area.You can rent a boat and drive around the canyon and enjoy. Also there is a restaurant where you can enjoy in some traditional Macedonian dish.Public bus 60 from the transport center which is next to the central bus station is going several times a day.

skopje kale

Kale fortress

The first fortress, according to research and available data, is believed to have been built amidst the 6th century A.D. On land that had been inhabited during the Neolithic and Bronze ages or roughly 4000 B.C. It was constructed with yellow limestone and travertine and along with fragments of Latin inscriptions. Asserts the idea that the fortress originated from the Roman city of Skupi. Which was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 518.

The fortress is thought to have been reconstructed during the rule of emperor Justinian I. Constructed further during the 10th and 11th centuries over the remains of emperor Justinian’s Byzantine. Fortress which may have been destroyed due to a number of wars and battles in the region.Such as that of the uprising of the Bulgarian Empire against the Byzantine Empire under the rule of Peter Delyan. Not much is known about the Medieval fortress apart from a few documents which outline minor characteristics in the fortress’ appearance.

Old Bazaar , oriental corner of Skopje

Old Bazaar is another place that you must visit. Situated on the right side of the city center have many interesting things to see. Kapan An , Bezantin, mosques and small narrow streets full with people and traditional restaurants all over the place. Even there is several shisha bars that offer this kind of entertainment. Usually is cheaper to eat there instead on the left side where the modern center is.

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In 2014 the government bring a plan to make the center much more attractive for tourists. They build many sculptures and change the phasades of the buildings into the baroque style.In the middle of the city square is the Alexander the Great statue. Not far from there are the museums of the Holocaust . Macedonia history museum , National theater of Macedonia and some other buildings. Worth to visit is the birth house of mother Tereza which is in the center and offer many things from her early life .

skopje center

Skopje nightlife and dinning

Lot of bars and restaurants in the center of the city and around. Prices usually goes from 8 euro a meal to 15 euro a meal, pizza goes from 3- 6 euros. If you decide to drink a beer will cost you 2 euros domestic one and 3 euros imported one. Coming to Skopje and not trying some of the traditional dishes like turli tava or tavce gravce is like you never been to Skopje.

Accommodation in Skopje

Plenty of options are available . Lot of hostels and hotels, prices of the hostels range from 5- 15 euros a bed. Prices of the hotels goes from 30 euros up to 150 euros. Visiting airbnb is also a fantastic option cause there is a lot of hosts.

skopje bridge