Transylvania is one of my favorite place to go , always want to visit this area because is wonderful and so mystical. I got a new opportunity to travel to there i jump in and get ready for new adventure. My friends where on their way from Hungary and we supposed to meet at the Romanian border with Serbia.

Few words about Transylvania area before i write about my experience. Transylvania is area in central Romania, place with huge history lot of castles and epic battles.Place where Vlad Tepes famous figure in Dracula book was ruling.

Way to Transylvania

My trip start on 2nd of  August from my home city of Veles in Macedonia. Catch a bus that cost me 2 euro to capital city Skopje and from there i have an morning bus to Vrsac  Serbia which is on the border with Romania.I have change of the buses in Nis. Whole trip to Vrsac cost me 22 euro. After 6 hour of driving we arrive in Nis. Change the bus and head to Vrsac. Arrive at Vrsac later that night around 8-30 pm. Catch a taxi from the bus station to the border of Serbia and Romania. Cost me 10 euro and i was already passing the border by foot. Walking 2,5 km to the little city of Moravitza where my friends wait for me to pick me up and continue the road to Transylvania.

Things to do in Transylvania

The whole area is big and have lot of things from history to see. Many castles including Corvin castles near Deva and of course Bran castles. But also this area is full with natural beauty.Lovely mountains very mystical and amazing. Lot of fantastic places for hike and of course for rafting zip lining and so on. My trip was starting from Timisoara and have a camping in Alba Iulia. Alba county is quite nice county in Transylvania.We stay for a three days there and explore the area. Visit of Corvin castle was one of the best thing you can do in this area. Corvin Castle, also known as Hunyadi Castle or Hunedoara Castle, is a Gothic-Renaissance castle in Hunedoara, Romania. It is one of the largest castles in Europe and figures in a list of the seven wonders of Romania.

One of the most beautiful gothic castles in Europe Hunedoara is a castle like from the fairytailes.

alba transylvania

Visiting Deva and Hunedoara

Its foundation was laid out by John Hunyadi (Iancu de Hunedoara) in a Gothic architectural style which encompasses Renaissance elements. It is viewed as the most imposing and resplendent castle in Transylvania. John Hunyadi reinforced the monument to make it safer and stronger in the event of an attack or battle, however he also transformed it visually, modifying the decorative elements of the halls and guest rooms and the towers. The castle features towers which are tall and mighty, ideal for defensive tactics and strategies, inner yards and a drawbridge.

corvin transylvania

The wall is double to prevent any possible damage during or in the event of an attack. Corvin’s Castle is an impressive tourist attraction, abundant in historic relevance and architectural pulchritude and it would be a pity to visit its sites and not delve into its mysteries, legends and offerings. Visit each room of the castle and analyse the outer and inner decorative elements and fortifications. A stunning castle of Transylvania and the most amazing Gothic-style castle of Romania.

The castle is now a museum exhibiting many pieces of furniture, paintings, dioramas, clothing, weapons and armors. Graphic drawings depicting torture methods meant for inquiry and “discipline” of wrong-doers are also available within the castle’s court. The castle was subject and host to the British paranormal television program Most Haunted Live! for three nights, during which investigations were made for the documentation upon “the realm of the dead”.

Visiting Sibiu

Visiting Sibiu was next. City that impose with it old historical town. Nice architecture and lot of narrow streets offer a good walking pleasure . Surrounded by a cozy bars and restaurants this place offer some nice and comfortable afternoon visit. It’s known for Germanic architecture in its old town, the legacy of 12th-century Saxon settlers. Around the city are the remains of medieval walls and towers, including the 13th-century Council Tower. In the upper town, Brukenthal Palace now houses the Brukenthal National Museum, with European paintings. The nearby Evangelical Cathedral has gravestones in its walls.

sibiu transylvania

At  the end of the trip i visit little village of Ludos. 50 km away from Sibiu place where party was held where we head to. Nice landscape and of course super friendly locals. Not much to see or do in this village but is good to walk in the hills and the forest around.

I left the area with promised that in some other occasion next year i will come there and visit some more. It was my third time visiting this area and always i was fascinate with.