Yoga and Traveling- Useful tips how to practice while you travel

Yoga routine is important . We live in a very fast society and not many time for our daily Yoga routine. Yoga as a technique is very useful for our mental and physically health.But when we travel we do not have a time to do this. Many of us come across this problem. I was experiment with several way how to combine yoga and travel. How to practice without interrupting your travel.As a frequent travel i found efficient way to do that. Here is some of my tips for better effect and for keeping your practice routine.



If you travel by car on long distance is not always fun to pass long time driving without stopping. Have done that during my Switzerland trip back in 2011. We left Macedonia around 2 pm and before we go i`ve done my yoga at home. Start the day with Power Yoga poses. 30 min power yoga or at least 15 min Power Yoga is crucial before you start your trip. Why ? Because you need all the power to travel nice for a few hours without much moving.

After we start our journey 6 hours pass till next stop. Somewhere right next to Belgrade we stop for a lovely sunset few and guess what … Yoga 🙂 At this point we need a more focus and concentration yoga techniques. 15-20 min focus routine and if you want 10 min meditation just to allow all benefit of practicing to soak. Grab some snacks some coffee and put smile on our face and we were ready to hit the road again.We sleep in a hostel in Zagreb after we spend 12-13 hours driving. Morning yoga was there on Sjeme.20 min morning yoga help us to get to the final destination. With of course midday rest and stretching yoga 15 min and sunset after 6 hours. My advice is do yoga at least 2 times if you do 24 or more hour driving car tour. Will help you to keep the focus and  power as well.



If you travel with train you can do your yoga routine in the coupe .Cause you will not have a space to do a proper long sequence you should do 3 times short practice( 10 min)… or at least one session 30 min long. Because train is moving and will not allow you stable ground to do some more advance poses. In this case i recommend more stretching yoga session. This technique will allow you to get energy , flexibility which is important for not moving much and you will be able to go through the journey easier. If place where you sit is full with people try to find a quite place where you can do that ( between the wagons maybe).

If you travel with bus its a bit easier because bus stop on few times. So during the 15-20 min pauses do this yoga routine . Depend how much time you will stop during the trip you can do short 10-15 min power yoga or focus yoga sequences. What i do is combination of few power yoga , focus and stretching poses. 15 min 2-3 times during the trip and im good to go 🙂



If you travel with airplane depend how long is your flight. If is over 10 hours flight than don`t hesitate to do one 15 min session in the airplane. Ask the stuff where you can do it and do it. To be honest with you when i done that on my flight to Durban South Africa from Athens i was feeling really amazing.Stretching plus energizing yoga is what i recommend for this. Also do yoga on airport terminal if you have long time to wait. Its great for over night stays on the airport because gave you  boost during the night. No coffee require youll stay awake during the night with this energy boost. Power yoga is what i recommend in this case ( 30 min ) if you are not so ready to do 30 min , do at least 15-20 min power yoga.

Hope my article helps to some of you to keep it up with yoga routine while they travel. Its from great importance to keep our routine and take care about us when ever we go and what ever time takes for our trip.


Wish you a lovely traveling and Yoga travel routine to boost your energy and make your trip even more unforgettable.

yoga routine

yoga routine