Volunteering and traveling- Cheap way to travel around

Its dream for all of us to travel around. Not always we have finance to do it but we always find way to do it. With the cheap flights we have a chance to travel further for less. Only thing that is bit a obstacle is the accommodation. Finding a cheap accommodation can be a hustle. But with volunteering can be done much easier.

In my personal opinion i was always searching for several types of accommodation:

  1. Couchsurfing or similar sites like that
  2. Workaway or WOOFING volunteering
  3. Hostel jobs.


In my example i was doing more Couchsurfing in the early years of my traveling. This option allow me to travel longer and further. My first couchsurfing experience was in Romania in Timisoara back in 2007. It was first introduction into this way of traveling. I was in a train with a French guy that was going to his host. He suggest me to stay with them. I done that instead of going to hostel and i really like. Was free of charge and was good conversation with the host.

After this i become host my self, hosting over 100 people in period of 10 years.

Workaway and WOOFING volunteering

Volunteering is one of the best ways to travel around . 2012 i was introduce to WOOFING . I was searching for an option how to stay in Switzerland and travel around. I read about woofing volunteering and i pay membership. After getting the book with information i send several emails and i got respond after week or so.

Went to Zurich in a guest house to volunteer. Volunteering in this place gave me an opportunity to stay for free and explore around. My host was a wonderful lady that has interests into Yoga , Meditation. So we have lot of interesting talks and i was helping her to manage with the guesthouse.

In cases like this you have food and place to stay in exchange you need to volunteering 5 days 4-6 hours a day. Its fantastic way that will teach you many things.

Hostels volunteering

Always you can find a place where you can stay for free and you can help around. My first experience was in Tel Aviv 2014. I was volunteering in Hostel 48 and right after that i was in other hostel Overstay hostel in Florentine area in Tel Aviv. My last experience was in Malta in Hostel 94 where i was volunteering and staying for a 2 months.

There you can enjoy in free stay, some food and plenty of new people that you can meet there . You extend you travel experience for free and can stay as long as you want.


In last several years co-working communities are very popular and many digital nomads like me doing this kind of travels. This hubs are on volunteering base, you pay for place to stay and conditions like Internet to use and than you can work from there . Its great for networking and also give you  opportunity to travel around for less.


You can try to travel with hitchhiking and ask local people to stay for free and of course in exchange to help them. Also there is a plenty of local volunteering organizations that can help you to stay for free if you help them .

As we see many ways are possible for a person to travel around for less. Its yours to choose and see which one fit you.


Enjoy your travels…