Visiting Lakeland- Finland`s most beautiful area

Lakeland or Finland lake district is one of the most scenic area in Finland. Is famous for 1000 lakes spread around the area. Its unique experience to visit and enjoy in this area.I decide to go to Finland few years ago and made an instant plan what to see there. Lakeland was one of my priority.Arrive in Helsinki with a plane from Skopje and after i spend few days i head up to the lake area.

First impression when i get to this area was WOW such a beauty. Lakes all around the area, deep forests and fantastic view on the sunset and sunrise. I was feeling like im into the paradise surrunded with all these green trees and cause i was in the winter snow .

The Great Lakes of Saimaa and Päijänne in central Finland are among the best known and most popular places to visit in the country and are the target for thousands of visitors who long only to be in, on, or beside them. There are lakes large and small, smooth curving bays with yellow-grey beaches or ragged and broken shores, rushing torrents squeezed between high banks or flooding over hidden rocks, and rivers linking the different waters.

lakeland winter

There are two perfect ways to get to know the Great Lakes: from the water by passenger steamer or smaller craft, or by doing as the Finns do and renting a lakeside cabin, to fish, swim, canoe, sauna or simply sunbathe.


Savonlinna – the name means “Savo fortress” – sprawls over a series of interlinked islands. It is the most charming of Finland’s main lakeland towns and makes the best base for a stay in the Saimaa region. It has the spectacular medieval castle of Olavinlinna, as well as spa facilities, excellent lake sports amenities, varied sightseeing and a great deal of culture. Castle and culture combine particularly successfully in the annual International Opera Festival, one of Finland’s leading events, which takes place throughout July. Tickets and accommodation for the festival should be booked well ahead.

lakeland savo


Despite the overwhelming predominance of lake and forest, parts of Saimaa’s southern shores are undeniably industrial. Just a few miles beyond Lappeenranta, Imatra lies in the midst of the most concentrated industrial area of Finland. Nevertheless, the very fine rapids of Imatrankoski were responsible for the presence of the grand old (restored) Imatran Valtionhotelli, built to cater to the sightseers who flocked here, including many distinguished, wealthy and high-born guests.

It was the eventual taming of the surging waters which triggered off the industrial boom. Today the town is leafy and laconic. The remaining splendour of the rapids can still be seen on certain summer evenings, sometimes dramatised by Sibelius’s music and special light shows; check with the local tourist office.


Explore the forests in lakeland
Not that you have to get your feet wet to have fun. Unspoilt forests are waiting to be explored. Whether on foot or by bike, the Finnish concept of Everyman’s Right means that the country’s unparalleled natural landscape is free to be explored by everyone; all that Finns ask is that you respect their natural heritage so that it can continue to delight generations to come. Hiking tours and even camping trips can be found throughout the region (Saimaa Adventures is great for this too), and golfing enthusiasts are also catered for, such as at the Holiday Club Saimaa hotel which is home one of many courses in the Lakelands.


Landlake- Land of the Midnight Sun
Finland is not just the Land of a Thousand Lakes but also the Land of the Midnight Sun. Its far northern location means that in many places, the sun never completely sets in high summer, creating the phenomenon of Midnight Sun. With almost endless days, the night-time sunshine adds a magical quality. Our top tip for making the most of the light? Keep it simple and go swimming. From June onwards, the waters of Lake Saimaa change from icy to enticing, and gliding through the still waters under the Midnight Sun is an experience you will never forget.

lakeland cottage

In this area you have many hotels, hostels and guesthouses. Is not so difficult to find a good not so expensive accommodation. Also if you go there during the summer i would suggest you to  camp. Sleeping under the sky and enjoying in that view is really amazing moment- MUST SEE moment .

Well lovely people enjoy and hope many of you will experience this amazing area .