Vienna- My short weekend trip to Austria

Was a long time since i have been to Austria. Last time was also short visit like this one but this time i spend more time in Vienna and little bit in the countryside , Linz and some villages around to experience the real Austria.

I was in Slovenia traveling around this little lovely country so coming to neighboring Austria was quite logical thing. Contact my friend there and let her know that i will visit them for the weekend. I booked a train ticket from Maribor to Vienna. Train cost 18 euro a way and journey was 3,10 hours .

Vienna Austria

Arrive around 14-30 on the central train station in Vienna and i head down to the exit. Wien HBF is a big place with lot of trains going in and out . Went down from the top level where platforms are to the exit and info section on the ground level.

Central station is very central so you can easy reach things you wanna see . My hostel was 30 min walking from there next to the Nachmarket, name of this hostel was Wombat. I set my MAPS.ME application and start my journey to the Hostel. To be honest with you wasn’t so difficult to get there.

Vienna Austria vienna night vienna church Me in Vienna Austria

Once i arrive in the hostel i decide to wait for my friend in the reception area. Was big and nice. Lot of people from everywhere can be spotted. Price of the room i would say typically for Austria- 27 euros a bed in a 4 beds dorm room. They also have a bar there where people can hang around.We have a nice walk at night, visiting some bars where we have some warm drinks and nice food. For me as a vegetarian was not so easy to find some good vegetarian option but we were lucky that we come across a Brazilian place that were offering tapioca so i got my vegetarian version . Kinda weird to visit Vienna or Austria and not to eat local food but their local food is mainly neat – Not for me 🙂 Tho you can find a vegan places in Vienna but those are super expensive.

Vienna center is so amazing and beautiful with all the structures build during the years. Many places like churches were open late night to receive a tourists. Nice walk through the center i made several pictures just to have a memory from this wonderful place and for this article of course.

After we wake up in the morning we went to the flea market across the street. Weather was not so good so we didnt spend much time there . Lot of things can be find there but in my opinion kinda too expensive .. im use to see lot cheaper things on this type of market in some other place in Europe.But is Vienna and is normal i guess.

Linz Austria

From the Vienna train station we took a train to Linz. Place located in north of the country on the border with Germany and is so close to Munich. I didn’t spend much time in the city again cause the weather we just drive through. What fascinate me most was the landscape/. Lot of lovely forests around, hilly villages and lot of castles.

I have three day meeting all kind of people and i truly enjoy. Austrians seems like very friendly and socializing people of course main thing is going out in the bars and drinking 🙂 But also lot of good option to travel and hiking around. At the end i catch my Budapest train. I promise my self that i will definitely come back again. There is so many things to see around.