Venice , city of romance, canals and outstanding architecture

Venice is one of the most visited and popular cities in the World. According to some information there is 16 million tourist during the year. One of the reason for this is beauty and unique structures of Venice. Other key reason is the cheap flights to Venice and to Treviso.

How to get to Venice

There is a two airports,Marco Polo in Venice and Treviso . Treviso is mainly use by the low budget companies. I was flying from Skopje to Treviso with WizzAir. Price was fantastic, 30euro round trip. In the season might be more expensive but off season is really cheap.

My flight was 1 hour 40 min and we arrive 3pm. From the airport to my hostel i took a public bus. Ticket cost me around 4 euro . In no time i was in center of Venice near the Santa Lucia train station.

Things to do and see in Venice

canals venice

My hostel was a camping place with bungalows and nice cabins. I rent a bungalow , place was nice and tidy. Near the all important place that you should see. I was walking the first day to the Saint Marco square. This not long walk was so pleasant that i truly enjoy in the architecture and lovely canals. Most of the transport is in fact through the water. Saint Marco square was full with people , many of them tourists taking pictures from the wonderful surrounding.

I decide to look around a bit, wondering in the small narrow streets, enjoying in the Venice. Come across to a guy that was offloading his boat. He ask me if i want to get a tour around the canals. I agree we make a deal about the price and i hit the road. He was taking me around the canals explaining me about the rich famous history of this trading city.

He took me to Burano, a colorful fisherman neighborhood. Picturesque Burano is known for its brightly colored fishermen’s houses and its casual eateries serving seafood from the lagoon. The Museo del Merletto has exhibits on the development of lace-making in the area, and shops sell lace products like linens and clothes, as well as the local butter cookies called “bussolai buranei.” The ancient Chiesa di San Martino has a leaning 17th-century bell tower.

venice canals

Took me back to the center and told me to visit the Saint Mark basilica . This basilica is build in 1092 and with its hight dominate on the square.What looks impressive from far away is look even more impressive when you enter in.

venice st mark

After almost hour inside decide to walk back to the hostel.Relax a bit and go out on nice dinner . Lot of good food places so its really easy to find a good spot. I choose one less populated street and a local small restaurant there to try some italian food.

venice st mark inside

In past lot of people complain about high prices of some places in Venice. So to not be part of this scheme choose to sit in a place that is away from the usual touristic route.

Accommodation in Venice

Many places around to stay. Prices goes from 15 euros up. If you search around internet you can find something for your budget. I pay 25 euros for a bungalows in center of Venice. Also there is a lot of option to go with Airbnb too.