Velebit National Park , trip to the nature

I`ve been to Croatia many times but not much in that part where Velebit national Park is. Last year i got a chance to play as a dj on a party held in Velebit National Park. I decide to accept and go there.Was a September so the flight tickets were almost on the same price as train. I search on Skyscanner and found good flight , booked and i was ready to hit the road.

Flight from Skopje to Zagreb was afternoon around 3 pm , little bit delay in the flight and finally we were on board. Distance between Zagreb and Skopje is around 800km so we have a bit longer than hour flight. Arriving on airport Zagreb we have really quick pass through all the border things and in no time we were outside. Friend of mine was waiting for us, otherwise there is a public transport that will take you from Zracna Luka Zagreb ( Airport Zagreb) to the center of the city.

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Trip to Velebit

We decide to travel through Slavonia to get to Velebit National Park. Slavonia as a region was heavy hit by the war in 90`s and still you can see some empty villages along the road. On the other hand this is one of the most peaceful and beautiful areas. Flat, green, full with fields.. We approach after maybe two hours drive to Plitvice lakes. Super popular area full with tourists from all over the World. All this people in season pay some really high prices for ticket to enter and witness this wonder of the nature.

After we pass Plitvice the a bit mountanious region start. Lovely landscapes and beautiful villages scattered around the forests and valleys. After i believe 5 hour of driving we arrive in Velebit National Park. Road take us directly to a beautiful mountain lodge where party supposed to be and of course where we were sleep. Was almost midnight so i couldn’t truly enjoy in the beauty that was surrounding me .

I was playing that night around 2 am, finish at 4 am went to sleep. Once i open the eyes during the day i figure out that im in one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia. Velebit was all around us. White big peak was dominating with the area. I sit down a bit look around the mountain lodge that was really beautiful it self .Nice wooden house on two floor was the mountain lodge it self . Ground floor was a toilets and showers, first floor living mutual area and dorms for sleeping.

What was fascinating for me were hobbit houses build in the ground . 5 of them looks like out of this world 🙂 . Organizers organize a trip to the peak and we join that tour without hesitating. After driving with car till some point we need to walk on uphill mountainous terrain for maybe an hour. Reward of this road was waiting for us up there… View on the Zadar Adriatic coast and view in the back of the mountains.

We were staying there for an hour and went back again . Peak experience was embedded in my mind till present day. I decide to go back again this year and in few days im going back to enjoy the beauty again…

On our way back we decide to go from the Zadar site , its faster and you drive along the sea coast . Also lot of nice places to stop and enjoy a bit. After few hours we get back to Zagreb and the airport. Flight back was also with delay but pictures of Velebit beauty was keep coming to our minds.

Accommodation Velebit

Many mountain lodges around the National Park. You can also choose to camp in the park or to stay in Gospic.