Underrated Vacation breaks- Top 6 less know vacations

Its a summer and time for our vacations plans to kick in. Not always what is offer in the travel agencies catalog is what is best for us. We read a lot about well know resorts in the world but we also know that there i plenty of vacation trip destinations that are bit underrated. This my top 6 underrated resort and location in the world.


Not because is not known destination but because of general panic in the world from terrorist attacks in Turkey. One of the hottest travel destination few years ago become one of the most underrated destination this year. As a result of shrinking the interest for people to travel to Turkey , price were drop down dramatically. So less crowded beaches and resorts, less expensive. Turkey it self is beautiful and have lot of history , tradition, amazing food and fantastic beaches. Most of this all inclusive resorts offer fantastic vacation for you and you family for less money.

underrated vacations-alanya

Number 2 underrated destination-Albania

Located in the west Balkan area Albania is very underrated touristic destination. This country have everything from mountains to amazing beaches. South of the country near to the Greek border have amazing beaches and lot of cheap resorts , hotels , hostels and private accommodation. Dures is one of the most busiest port in the country and main transport hub. Mountains near Kosovo , Macedonia borders are fantastic for those who love to do hikes. Tirana capital is ordinary capital city with lot of bars, clubs and some museums , galleries etc. My recommendation is to visit Ksamil village on the Ionian sea coast opposite Corfu. Idyllic place with lovely beaches . Prices of everything there are low and people are friendly and many of them talk italian or some other world language.

underrated beach albania


Number 3 underrated destination-Algeria

Algeria’s landscape is very diverse and primarily determined by different types of desert, which take up about 85% of the country’s area. In the east of Algeria is the large Erg, an inhospitable sand desert with enormous sand dunes extending into the neighbouring country Tunisia. In the south of the country on the border to Niger is the Ahaggar mountain range, also the location of the highest point in Algeria, the Tahat measuring 2,918 m (9573 ft). The surface of this rocky mountain range transforms towards the west and east to form a sand and rubble desert called the Erg. North of the Erg is the Sahara Atlas, a mountain chain of almost 2000 m (6561 ft) in altitude, running parallel to the coast and forming a border between Algeria’s inhospitable south and the fertile and populated flatlands on the coast.

Climate and best time to visit: the best time to travel in Algeria is before and after the summer months as the temperatures between May and September are very high and overland transfers and domestic flights are often accompanied by heavy sandstorms. More than 90% of Algeria’s inhabitants live in the north of the country where the weather is often sticky and where only the sea breeze provides a short respite from the heat. There is no annual rainy season. Only on the coast is there a small amount of precipitation, whereas it may not rain for years in the southern regions.

underrated algeria

Number 4 underrated destination-Venezuela – Isla Margarita

Although Venezuela is on the verge of economic collapse in my opinion that can be good for traveling there because prices drop so dramatically down. Island it self is amazingly beautiful and offer some amazing idylic beaches and lot of sun and perfect location for scuba diving. Great Climate allow you visiting of this Caribbean island all year long.

Known for its reputation as a island getaway, Margarita, Venezuela offers the same amenities
as its Caribbean neighbors: all-inclusive resorts, excellent white sand beaches,
water sports, natural parks, a golf course, but all at a fraction of the price.
Vacationers are benefiting from the economy’s steep
and often visitors can even find inexpensive scuba diving adventures

underrated beaches venezuela

Number 5 underrated destination-Bolivia

While neighboring Peru, Brazil, Chile and Argentina attract many tourists, very few head to Bolivia. While this landlocked nation will never draw beach lovers, it offers plenty of breathtaking landscapes – all largely untouched. Just some of what’s waiting to be explored includes fiery-red lakes, the largest salt flats on earth, the silver mines of Potosi, some of the world’s highest volcanoes and a picturesque capital city with a laid-back atmosphere, indigenous culture and prehistoric sites. Of course, Bolivia can also boast the “world’s most dangerous road,” the roughly 40-mile road from La Paz to Coroico, winding through the lush, jungle-covered mountains.


Number 6 underrated destination-Turkmenistan

By far the most mysterious and unexplored and underrated  of Central Asia’s ‘stans, Turkmenistan became famous for the truly bizarre dictatorship of Saparmyrat Niyazov, who ruled as ‘Turkmenbashi’ (‘leader of the Turkmen’) until his death in 2006. Niyazov covered this little-known desert republic with golden statues of himself and grandiose monuments to the achievements of his ‘golden age’. But the least-visited of Central Asia’s countries is far more than the totalitarian theme park it’s often portrayed as being – it is an ancient land of great spirituality, tradition and natural beauty.

The ancient cities of Merv and Konye-Urgench inspire visions of caravans plodding along the ancient Silk Road, while the haunting beauty of the Karakum Desert and other quirky natural phenomena are less expected but equally mesmerising. The full Turkmen experience is ultimately about mingling with the warm and fascinating Turkmen people themselves, whose hospitality is the stuff of legend.

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