Uruguay – South American land of natural beauty

South America is a wonderful place to be.  Hidden history and mysterious places , big structures build many years ago. South Americans are passionate people , friendly people love to chat to dance to discuss about football and girls 🙂 Those who travel to this part of the world love to come back again and again. Uruguay is not an  exception  of this . They love their football , love their layback way of living love their nature , beach and Sun that always shine.

After watching several videos about this lovely country i decide to go there , was june 6 2013 when i pack my stuffs drive to the airport in my home country Macedonia and from there early in the morning i start my epic journey that will write about.My first stop was Frankfurt International Airport , spend few hours and catch a flight to Montevideo. Montevideo is the capital city of Uruguay. Airport like every other nothing WOW but not bad at all i would say . First thing was to get a car to drive around . Went to one of the offices get my car pay and super excited as i was i head the road to my hotel.

Uruguay Montevideo

Uruguay as a country with very good economy has nice roads and driving is not such a pain in the ass. Was enjoyable 🙂 After 30 min driving i arrive at the hotel went to the room get rest and i was making a plan where i will go next .Uruguay capital Montevideo is country financial , educational and political center . Here you can enjoy in great night life in lot of clubs. Its not so cheap i would say but still 3$ domestic beer can be not so bad at the end .

Food and restaurants are not so cheap either. During my visit to the country, I spent about $15 per restaurant meal (including tip).These were regular restaurants, nothing fancy. Expect to pay more if you want a river/ocean view, or more sophisticated atmosphere.


  • $27 – Steak lunch at Mercado del Puerto in Montevideo
  • $25 – Lunch w/river view at Bar Montevideo on Pocitos Beach in Montevideo
  • $12 – 15 – Lunch or dinner in Punta del Diablo
  • $10 – Eight small squares of pizza w/bottled water in Montevideo
  • $8 – Chivito (steak sandwich)

Let me sum for you best things and place to see , i spend 2 weeks there and i really enjoy so this is the places i would really recommend


The city was founded and eventually overtaken by Montevideo as the most important city in the country but Colonia still has a lot offer.  The city will remind you what life was like years ago with cobbled streets (watch your ankles!) and very humble historic buildings.

Colonia is set right on the riverside so make sure to walk around the shores and climb the stairs of the light house to get great views of the area.  You can reach Colonia via a short ferry from Buenos Aires or about a 2 hour drive from Montevideo.

Uruguay capital


I would like to introduce you to the Miami Beach of Uruguay.  Known for its beaches and nightlife, Punta Del Este is the place to go if you want a little sun, a little tan, and little kilombo (crazy parties).  Many Brazilians and Argentineans love to come to Punta Del Este for vacation and many famous names have been spotted in the city as well.

If Punta del Este is the Miami Beach of Uruguay, consider Punta Del Diablo its much younger sibling.  You won’t find any towering sky scrapers and you would be hard pressed to find famous names here.  Throughout the year the small beach town only has hundreds of people living there.

Once the summer rolls around that number jumps to thousands.  The small fishing village turns into a great hangout for young travelers!   The quaint beach town is up and coming and is a hidden jewel of Uruguay.  The rustic village is great for winding back time and relaxing a bit even for the older travelers.  It’s not on the tourist trail just yet so enjoy it before it gets on the tourist map.

Uruguay beach

Trekking and hiking are also great activities in Uruguay

Enjoy an amazing view of the incredible palm groves of Rocha from the Virgin hill and hike along the Coast to the Green Hill Protected area to spot the dolphins, whales (August to November) and get involved in the preservation of the green turtles carried out by the local NGO Karumbe!

Also you can check Lunarejo Valley Regional Park, a natural protected area of 30,000 hectares with great diversity including deep gorges, numerous streams, 14 species of native mammals, more than 536 different animals and an incredible and almost unexplored landscape. We will visit one of the best vineyards in the country and explore the goldmines of Minas de Corrales.

Uruguay is famous for their fantastic places for surfing , many of the beaches are full with surfers.

Last part of my story i left for the accommodation. In fact is similar price like many places in Europe , its not so cheap like some other places in South America. But like in every place you can find best place for you . Place that will fit into your budget.



P.S- View facts about the country, they speak Spanish they are around 3 milion people in that vast country meaning is not so populated. Nature is fantastic, access on the sea offer really nice beach style vacation.Many people are interesting in talking with tourists and they are friendly .