Unique Destinations -World most unique castles

Im very big fan of castles and fortress, where every i go make sure to visit some castle. I made a research for unique destinations and unique castles around the globe. It wasn’t easy task to sum 10 unique castles when you have so many unique structures.

1.The Potala Palace: Tibet’s greatest monumental structure 

Perched upon Marpo Ri hill, 130 meters above the Lhasa valley, the Potala Palace rises a further 170 meters and is the greatest monumental structure in all of Tibet.Its one of the most unique destinations in the world . In 637 Emperor Songtsen Gampo decided to build this palace on a hill, and the structure stood until the seventeenth century, when it was incorporated into the foundations of the greater buildings still standing today.

Construction of this castle located on unique destination began in 1645 during the reign of the fifth Dalai Lama and by 1648 the Potrang Karpo, or White Palace, was completed. The Potrang Marpo, or Red Palace, was added between 1690 and 1694 its construction required the labors of more than 7000 workers and 1500 artists and craftsman.

The Potala Palace was only slightly damaged during the Tibetan uprising against the invading Chinese in 1959. Unlike most other Tibetan religious structures, it was not sacked by the Red Guards during the 1960s and 1970s. As a result, all the chapels and their artifacts are very well preserved.

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2.Mont Saint-Michel: a Medieval Castle on a Small Island

The staggering unique destination has long inspired awe and the imagination. The story of how the mount turned into a great place of Christian pilgrimage is colourful. Aubert, bishop of the nearby hilltop town of Avranches early in the 8th century, claimed that the Archangel Michael himself pressured him into having a church built atop the island just out to sea.This wonderful unique destinations is one of the most beautiful in France

From 966 onwards, the dukes of Normandy, followed by French kings, supported the development of a major Benedictine abbey on the Mont-Saint-Michel. Magnificent monastic buildings were added through medieval times, one vertiginous section being nicknamed The Marvel. The abbey became a renowned centre of learning, attracting some of the greatest minds and manuscript illuminators in Europe. Vast numbers of pilgrims visited, despite warring cross-Channel royals. However, the ramparts at the base of the island were built to keep English forces out. Other fine buildings went up along the steep village street, now converted into museums, hotels, restaurants and boutiques for today’s tourists.This unique destination attract lot of them

unique destination st michele

3.Predjamski Castle: Integrated in a Cave

Predjama Castle is one of the most famous in Slovenia, attracting each year thousands of tourists. Located in small village of Predjama, this amazing Renaissance fortress, built within a cave, is not at all the kind of castle we’re familiar with.

This ancient castle doesn’t have crenellated towers, sumptuous interior decorations or refined details, but it is a special place in so many ways. Predjama castle is definitely not incidentally among the most visited places in Slovenia. The first thing that attracts attention is the castle’s unique destinations location. At some point one could surely believe that the castle is almost one with the mountain in which it lies. And the contrast between the blackened cliffs and the white walls of the castle offers the sensation that it’s almost unreal.

Documents certify that this unique destination castle  “Predjamski Grad”, which mean in Slovenian “the castle in front of the cave”, was built around the 12th century. At that time, the architecture was strongly influenced by elements of the Gothic style. Over the centuries that followed, this unique destination castle was owned by several high-bred families. By far the most famous of them all remains Erazem Lueger, the robber baron who owned the castle in the second half of the 15th century. The rebel knight Erazem, who was the son of an Imperial Governor from Trieste, had nothing better to do than fight with the Emperor Frederik III. In short, Erazem killed the commander of the imperial army to avenge the death of his best friend and forced the king to order his imprisonment.

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4.Neuschwanstein Castle: the Classic Fairytale’s Castle

There are many myths and rumours which surround this king, even when he was still alive. “I want to be an eternal puzzle to myself and others,” wrote Ludwig to his governess, and this puzzle still fascinates people today. His castles, which were never to be entered by strangers, have greeted more than 50 million visitors since Ludwig II’s death. They are stone witnesses to the alternative world that the king built to escape the present. Ludwig II never accomplished his attempt at individual historic, poetic and idealistic fulfilment. He chose death over a return to reality.This unique destination castle is something that cant be describe with words and must be seen.

Today, Neuschwanstein is one of the most popular castles in Europe. 1.3 million visitors make the journey to the “Fairytale King’s” castle each year. In summer, an average of more than 6000 visitors stream through the castle’s rooms, originally built for only one single occupant. The Altstadthotel Zum Hechten in Fussen is perfectly situated for a trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle.

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5.Matsumoto Castle: Japan’s most fascinating castle

Matsumoto Castle, locally known as Matsumotojo, is one of the most complete and beautiful among Japan’s original castles. It is also a good example of a so called “hirajiro”, a castle built on the plain rather than on a hill or mountain. Matsumotojo’s castle tower and smaller, second turret were built from 1592 to 1614 and were both well defended, as peace was not yet fully secured at the time. In 1635, when no more military threats existed, a third, barely defended turret for moon viewing was added to the castle.

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6.Hunyad Castle: were Dracula was held prisoner

The name of the castle – Hunyad Castle – is closely tied to that of the Corvin (Corvinus) family, whose coat-of-arms represents a raven holding a ring in its beak. The Corvin family greatly influenced the European history in the 15th century. the first great personality of the family was Iancu of Hunedoara (John Hunyadi). Famous for stopping the Turks from conquering Belgrade and from advancing towards Western Europe.

The Hollywood film industry, inspired by the legend of Dracula, has used the name of the Corvin family in the Underworld series. Corvins were related to Vlad the Impaler, the Romanian ruler who inspired Bram Stoker to create the Dracula character. Even so, the two families had, in fact, a history of conflict, filled with conspiracy and murder.

Construction work of the castle began in 1440 at really unique destination. Hunyad Castle was designed as a defence fortress and as a prison. The towers often held captive war prisoners as well as ordinary criminals. Today, the Armoury receives hundreds of tourists every day, many of them unaware of the fact that they are treading in the footsteps of some of the most prominent rulers of mediaeval Europe.

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7.Malbork Castle: World’s Largest Brick Gothic Castle

The Castle in Malbork was built in Prussia by the Teutonic Order as an Ordensburg. The Order named it Marienburg, literally “Mary’s Castle”. The town which grew around it was also named Marienburg, but since 1945 it is again, after 173 years, part of Poland and known as Malbork. The castle is a classic example of a medieval fortress, and is the world’s largest brick gothic castle. UNESCO listed this unique destinations  castle and its museum as World Heritage Sites in December 1997.

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8.Palacio da Pena: Oldest Palace inspired by European Romanticism

The oldest palace inspired by European Romanticism, the Pena National Palace in Portugal stands on the top of a hill above the town of Sintra, and on a clear day it can be easily seen from Lisbon. First built in the 15th century as a palace, it was later reconstructed and donated to the church as a monastery. An earthquake in 1755 ruined most of it, until Prince Fernando acquired it in 1838 rebuilt it. The style of the palace is an eclectic combination of the original and subsequent styles, plus Romantic, Bavarian, and Moorish architecture, plus an English garden.This castle has really unique destinations.

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 9.Löwenburg Castle: The Disneyland of the 18th century

Begin your day with a hearty breakfast and set off by motor coach in search of castles and more fairy tale unique destinations locations.

Take in the beauty of this Rococo palace that was built between 1747 and 1761.With an exquisite interior design by the renowned sculptor Johann August Nahl, Wilhelmsthal Castle was originally designed as a summer residence. It houses the world’s largest collection of paintings by the extraordinary Tischbein family, whose art contributed to Germany’s transition from the Rococo art of the Late Baroque to Neoclassicism and Naturalism.

Take a short walk to this delightful park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its reservoirs, channels, waterfalls and wild rapids. Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe combines the ambiance of Baroque and Romantic periods in its landscape, with the mighty Hercules Monument standing at the top of a long hill, a striking copper statue of the ancient Greek demigod. View Löwenburg Castle in the distance, built in the 18th century and designed to resemble an authentic medieval castle—a model for some fictional castles ever since its inception!

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10.Prague Castle: World’s Largest Ancient Castle

One of the biggest castles and one of the unique destinations castles in the world, and according to Guinness Book of Records, the biggest ancient castle, Prague Castle is about 570 meters in length and an average of 130 meters wide. The Czech Crown Jewels are kept here, and it was the place where the Czech kings, Holy Roman Emperors and presidents of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic have had their offices.

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