Turks and Caicos

Turks & Caicos are one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands. Perfect for this time of the year. Having that weather is great all year around ,  Turks&Caicos are visit by a tourist all year long.Most of the resort are in the luxury travel category but also you can find some affordable resorts.

With the most pristine, turquoise  water and beach in the world, it’s no surprise that most of the activities in Turks and Caicos and things to do in Providenciales revolve around the ocean and beach. Scuba Diving, snorkelling tours, kayaking eco-tours and boat charters are great ways to make your stay memorable.

For expert divers, Turks & Caicos is a mecca for their walls: the islands lie right on the edge of two undersea mountaintop plateaus with steep walls throughout. Closer to shore than almost any dive site anywhere, you can swim along the edge of an awe-inspiring abyss, staring into the dark where the ocean floor drops off rapidly to as deep as 7000 feet.

DEMA has the responsibility of sustainably managing Protected Areas and Fisheries and overseeing all Maritime Affairs in the Turks and Caicos Islands. However, such a mandate is only attainable with the cooperation of the public. Here you will find some information that may prove useful to ensure that you are an exemplary environmental steward while visiting the Turks & Caicos Islands.

The Turks & Caicos are made up of more than 40 islands cast upon breathtakingly beautiful cerulean waters. Although white, soft-sand beaches and calm, warm waters are shared among all the islands, their landscapes vary. The flatter, more arid islands of Grand Turk, Salt Cay, South Caicos, Pine Cay, and Providenciales are covered with low-lying bush and scrub, whereas the islands of Middle Caicos, North Caicos, and Parrot Cay are greener, with more undulating landscapes. In addition to these eight inhabited islands, there are the many smaller cays and uninhabited East Caicos that help make up this southern tip of the Lucayan Archipelago, just 575 miles (862 km) southeast of Miami on the third-largest coral reef system in the world.

Peak season in the Turks & Caicos runs from American Thanksgiving through mid-April, when prices average 20% to 50% higher than in the summer.

Accommodations in the Turks&Caicos are not inexpensive, and though there’s a wide range of price options, your accommodations will most likely be your greatest expense. If you’ve prepared for this, you’ll find this to be one of the most fabulous vacations you’ve ever taken. Most resort-style lodgings are made up of individually owned condos placed in the hotel’s rental pool when the owners are not in residence. Alternatively, there are a few hotels without all the bells and whistles and no kitchens. There are also two all-inclusive resorts on Provo: the family-oriented Beaches and the adults-only Club Med. The outer islands have more basic accommodations, albeit with a lot more island flair. Providenciales also has an incredible array of private villas to choose from. This is an excellent option for a family, as they offer privacy, added room, and usually work out on the less expensive end. Take a look at VRBO and Home Away to see the selection.

If your accommodations don’t include baby equipment or you need additional baby items, contact Happy Na and have it delivered.

Happy Na Baby Equipment Rentals. Little ones can be quite the needy little family members when it comes to travel, so it’s always nice to know that some things can be left behind, as there’s Happy Na on Provo. They can provide strollers, cribs, playpens, bedding, and more for the day or (at a discount) for longer. Their office is on Industrial Drive, but they deliver to any property where you might be staying. Ask your property manager for assistance; most are happy to make the arrangements for you, and it’s nice to simply have what you need upon your arrival.

Budget for the add-ons. You must pay 12% tax, plus an additional 10% service charge.

Avoid peak season. Rates are about 35% higher from mid-December through mid-April.

Book in advance. Resorts fill up quickly with repeat visitors, as do villas with their regular clientele.

Reservations required. You cannot enter the Turks and Caicos unless you have reserved a place to stay.

Book direct. You can sometimes get rates that are just as good (if not better) by booking directly through the resort or using the local website for Turks and Caicos Reservations. For some condos you can book directly with the owner for less and avoid the resort’s service charge, but be sure to ask about resort amenities; some may not be included when you book this way.

Consider your options. If you’re low maintenance, consider a self-catering apartment that will save you money on both food and resort services.

Not sure where to stay? Start by going through the local WhereWhenHow magazine; their current issue can be found online. But if you are looking to stay in a private villa, then it’s best to go directly to VRBO and Home Away once you become acquainted with the island and what the different locations have to offer.

The world-famous sweeping stretch of ivory-white, powder-soft sand on Provo’s north shore is simply breathtaking. It’s home to migrating starfish as well as shallow snorkeling trails. The majority of Provo’s beachfront resorts are along this shore, and it’s the primary reason the Turks and Caicos is a world-class destination. Amenities: food and drink; parking (free); water sports. Best for: sunset; swimming; walking.

There is a plenty other things to be seen but i will left that for you to explore when you go there

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