Located in South East of the Europe on the edge of the continent Turkey is a country that offer many things. Great location allow you to enjoy in a unique mix of East oriental culture and modern West culture. Beautiful seacoast offer plenty of places to be visit and to enjoy in the vast number of resorts that offer all kind of services. Cities like Istanbul a huge cosmopolitan city are great place for us tourists , places where you can enjoy in the diverse way of life. From fine dining restaurants and loud clubs to nice cultural event like theater and opera.


Turkish Airlines is one of the biggest company now and they have a flights to more than 150 destinations worldwide and also from there to Turkey (mostly Istanbul) . Many low budget companies also fly to and from Turkey . Now is easy to get 30-40 euro flight from Europe to Turkey or for around 100 e from Asia to Turkey.

Turkey and big cities like Ankara, Antalya, Istanbul are connected with trains to most of the Europe and also with some Asian countries.

Using the bus is also an option because every place in Europe is connected with Turkey. Also most of the Asian countries are connected with buses.

There is also an option to use the ferry from Odesa (Ukraine ) to Istanbul or from North Cyprus to Marmaris or some of the Turkish port cities located near Cyprus.


Turkey has a big history and since the ancient time there is some civilizations building a monuments or settlements. In this article I will talk about some of them and I will start with one holy place located on the border with Armenia – Ararat mountain.

Ararat is located on the border , separate two countries Armenia and Turkey, many old ancient artefact’s are found there thats why the arc of Noa story is believe that held in that area. Ararat is the highest mountain in the country thus offer some great hikes as well.


Lovely Pamukkale is one of the world natural wonders , this pools made into the  stones and tyrcise water gave the whole area unique look. Pamukkale on turkish mean Cotton Fortress . Name is from the look of this place has a white as a cotton pools and is like a fortress.


Another historical place worth to be seen is Capadocia area , litterly whole city was build 5 000 years ago into the rocks around the city of Derenkuyu. This small rooms has a ventilation holes on the top of the rocks and can be seen just if you are on the ground. The whole complex is build with such a precise and technique that is amaze how can this civilization from that time to build such a thing.


Seacoast of Turkey is one of the most beautiful in the world. Has an amazing beaches clear water and fantastic weather. All this is reason why places like Bodrum ( mondem city resorts for rich people ) Antalya , Izmir and many more has so many tourist all year around.


First I went to Antalya resort city of over 2 milion population located on the shores of the Mediterranean sea. Finding a place to stay there is not a problem at all . Things that you can see there is mainly connected with beach, snorkeling diving and relaxing on the sun. City has lot of bars, fine restaurants and clubs for your entertainment.


Next stop was fancy Bodrum , nice old bazaar and nice walk around the city and of course like Antalya , Bodrum also offer plenty of resorts for all kind of activities.


On my way to Istanbul I stop in Izmir huge city with not so nice beach because I mainly port city . Lot of clubs and bars so night life is great. If you go outside of the city you will be able to find nice beach to relax.

Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey and his location is unique. Split on half , European and Asian part with Bosfor passes Istanbul is combination of Europe culture AND  oriental Asian culture. The bridge that connect both sides look amazing with the lights on during the night. Walking in the old bazaar and old city will gave you an unique experience . If you want to buy things from the small shops make sure that you will negotiate a bit before you buy, its normal procedure in Turkey 🙂 

Places like Aya Sofia amazing monument , church than mosk than library than again mosk will take your breath away . Located in the central area with plenty of other things to be seen around.

What to say about Ankara, capital city of the country and political center . I didnt spend much time there but I spend 2 days enjoying in the food from the vast number of restaurants around the city.



Turkey offer all kind of accommodations, from private short term appartments rent over AirBnB to elite hotels. Budget accommodation is from 8 euro dorm bed to 15 euro dorm bed and from 20 euro private room to 35 euro, Mid range accommodation is from 40-70 euros and expensive is going from 100 euros up . In the resorts usually they offer all inclusive services plus flights so before you decide to go check on internet to find some package deal for you.


Luxury resort


Turks are friendly people they will not harm you and they are willing to help you any time. Turkish lira is about 4 to 4,5 liras for euro  but before you go check the  range . Turks dont speak much English so be prepare to battle with communication on the street but all of them speak English in the resorts and hotels. In Istanbul and other big cities be aware for the pick- pocketing in the places where there is lot of people.