My Trip To Utrecht- fun things to do in Utrecht

Day start with walking around the city center. Dome square is surrounded with Dome Tower , Cathedral and Garden Under the square there is old ancient Roman city so during the night when lights on you can still see the walls under.
City center is the place where lot of nice bars and shops are we went to one of those places Springhaver art coffee with really amazing interior and really lovely people inside. We have a lovely afternoon there.
After the Christmas holidays I decide to go on skating on suggestion of my host and friend in Utrecht. We decide to go in the Railway museum where we can see some train exhibition and to skate a bit. Was a first time for me to skate so was even more interesting .Museum is not far at all from the center and is around 15 min walk from the city center . Entrance cost 10 euros and you get free skating shoes or you can bring yours if you have. Is a massive event for the kids especially but also and the adult one enjoy In it. We spend around an hour there and walk back to the home again. Was another nice walk through the center and I was once again amazed by the beauty of Utrecht city center.

utrecht villa

Things to do in Utrecht

By coincident when I was looking for a pictures for a article for my site I come across the picture of a pyramid near Utrecht. I went today 28 dec when I saw that weather is great and we organize a car to go there.
Austerlitz is a small city near Utrecht in Utrecht province on 22 km . We have more struggle to get out of the city than to get there. In 40 min we were at the location. Park the car near the restaurant and a kids playground.
Front of us was a muddy earthy road, we enter few meters into the forest and we saw the Pyramid. Few meters downt that road in that lovely forest we get to the 36 m high pyramid. Build 1803 by Maragon one of the Napoleon generals. On the top of the flat top pyramid is a obelisks. In the middle of the front side of the pyramid are the stairs that you can use to go up to the top.

utrecht pyramide


The proud and ultimate symbol of the city, located in the center of Utrecht and visible from all parts of Utrecht this 112m high tower dominate with the space.Build in 15 century and expended 100 years later its definitely one of the most amazing structure in Utrecht.

In the bottom of this tower there is a place where you can buy a ticket that cost 9 euros. Tour is hour and a bit and will take you inside and guide will explain many things connected with the tower. As stairs come close to the top the passage become narrower. From the top terrace you can have an amazing view on the city .The inside of the building is also fascinating.

utrecht dome



Outside of Utrecht there is one of the most beautiful castles in Holland… De Haar castle. Located in the countryside surrounded with an amazing nature this breathtaking castle is totally worth to see. Tho ticket cost 16 euro for adults and 10 euro for kids which i found a bit spice price still is kinda worth for those money. We made a tour around also led by a guide and the whole tour is around hour. For this time you need to park on payed parking ( 4 euro and hour).

utrecht castle


Those who are fascinated with cartoon characters Miffy the rabbit museum is a place to be … of course i didnt went there cause i didn’t found enough interesting to go. During the summer if you visit Utrecht than is great to visit some of the parks or simple to hang around the canals in some of the bars and restaurants. Also renting a kayak or water bike is an option too to see the city.

Accommodation in Utrecht

Lot of hotels and hostels as well as guest houses or airbnb. Utrecht is a city that is not so touristic as their neighbors Amsterdam and because of that is bit cheaper.