Trip to Thasos- Greek most northern island

Greece is well known for the beauty of their islands. Also we all known that there is so many island scattered around the Aegean sea and Ionian sea. Thasos is one of them 12 biggest island in the Greek Archipelago. Thasos is part of the Kavala administrative area and is not far from Thessaloniki, that make Thasos very accessible for many tourists.With bit less than 14 000 population this island is very peaceful and beautiful.

thasos village

How to get to Thasos

Because Thasos don`t have an airport getting there is through Kavala. Flights from some of the European cities with low cost companies like RyanAir to Kavala  is the best way. From there there is a ferry from Kavala to Thasos every day few times a day. Ticket Prices. Adults, 3.50 €. Children (between 5 – 10), 1.50 €. Children (under 5), FREE. Tour Groups, 1.50 € / person. Private Cars (up to 4.25m), 16.00 €. Private Cars (over 4.25m), 20.00 €. Buses/Caravans/Trailers, 4.00 € / meter. Bicycles, 2.80 €. Motorcycles (up to 250cc), 4.00 €. Motorcycles (over 250cc), 5.00 €.

Driving with the car is easy cause they have great roads and Kavala is easy to reach. Just 2 hour drive from Thessaloniki and same amount hours drive from Turkish-Greek border and city of Alexandroupolis.

thasos beach

Things to see and do on Thasos

The ancient past has left the island a bounty of priceless treasures. This is apparent to visitors when they witness some of the finest examples of world archaeological sites around almost every street corner of Limenas, on the peninsula of Alyki, and beyond. These sites display the individual character of Thasos while also representing the spirit of Greece.

Among the best archaeological sights that you absolutely must visit on Thasos are the Ancient Agora (Marketplace), the Ancient Theatre, the Acropolis, the remains of the walls, gates, and temples of the ancient city in Limenas, and the ancient temple, sanctuary and quarry in Alyki.

The island’s vast ruins are a testament to the thriving culture and significant power of the ancient Thassians. They are indeed a part of the island’s unique identity among Greece’s many islands and ancient societies.

If you love more sport activities there is plenty of companies that offer all kind of things. Horse riding , scuba diving,off road trips, rafting and so on. Thasos have mountains to hike and enjoy and also lot of lovely beaches to swim and enjoy on the Aegean sun.

agora of thasos

If you are into the adventures  go on hike and climb the highest mountain in Thasos, Mount Ipsorion, which is more than 1,200 metres above sea level. While it takes several hours to reach the top, it’s certainly worth all that effort. The views from the top are incredible, especially on a clear summer’s day, although remember to bring plenty of water and sun cream. Along the way you’ll notice the historic Agios Panteleimon monastery in the distance, which dates back to the early 19th century.

ipsarion thasos


Head inland to this stunning historic village of Theologos, which has existed since at least the 13th century and was for many years Thassos’ administrative capital. One of the most interesting cultural things to do in Thassos is to watch a traditional Thassian wedding here, which take place every summer.

Mountain trails lead to some of the least-discovered nooks and crannies of the island. The experience is different from walking and riding a bike because you miss out on some of the smaller details that nature hides from the inattentive, but you can explore the island’s interior more comfortably and much faster this way.

The island’s mountain trails are primarily dirt and rock; not suitable for regular cars or mopeds, if you value your springs and the bones in your back and your neck! Vehicles especially built for off-road driving is highly recommended.

Modern and reliable 4×4 jeeps and all-terrain vehicles are available for hire from car and motorcycle hire companies around Thasos.

Visiting the town of Thasos can be fun too. There is some museums that you can check from the ancient past of this island.

thasos port

Food on Thasos

Travel to greek island and not trying their homemade dishes is really like you never been there. Aegean sea islands are famous for their delicious sea food. Also you can taste some other typical Greek dish, have some glass of wine and ouzzo. Local people are more than happy to sit with you and have couple of drinks and show you the typical Greek hospitality.

Accommodation on Thasos

Because tourism is so developed here there is so many options for accommodation. From private vilas to nice resorts and hotels . Also you can find many camping places if you are into the camping. Prices depend from the style of the accommodation but in general they are way cheaper and many of them have a promotion discounts if you purchase February, March , April before season in second half of May start.