Trip to Neunen, Van Gogh day

We travel just 10 km to our next stop- Neunen little city near Eindhoven where Van Gogh have spend some time of his amazing life and left some work behind to witness for his amazing talent. Day start with search for a proper parking space where we can park our van.

Nuenen is a town in the municipality of Nuenen, Gerwen en Nederwetten in the Netherlands. From 1883 to 1885, Vincent van Gogh lived and worked in Nuenen. In 1944, the town was a battle scene during Operation Market Garden

neunen neunen van gogh

Found a really big space bit outside of the city park there in the middle of a nice nature surrounding. Take a rest bit and went to the city to visit the chapel where Van Gogh have his famous painting. Few moments after we went to visit his museum, house where he was living also rich with his art, Museum is open from 10 am till 5 pm and cost 7,5 euros. For those who doesn’t understand dutch there is a headphones with translation, just ask the ladies on tge reception they will provide for you.

Whole tour and proper round of his life put in one thematic museum will take you an hour, maybe hour and a half. Its a three floor exhibition space with state of art technology to guide you through his life. Neunen was one of his most wonderful period of the life.

Not far from the museum is the Van Gogh Chapel where his father was preached and he pain this chael several times in his paintings. On Neunen square is his statue and many places around this little city are dedicated to his life in Neunen. Its well known that he create a lot of great pictures there especially from the landscape and one of the most famous paintings Potato Eaters was create there.

Center of this little city Neunen have a nice charming square named after Van Gogh Afternoon we left this city for another lovely location Evegrinder fortress.

We where camping in a nice place outside of the city, big enough and quite enough . Surrendering forest was nice and peaceful.This parking was for free.