Blue Grotto Caves -Trip to Blue cave in Malta

Blue Grotto is a system of caves inside the sea. Located in the south of Malta island is location that offer a lot. Cliffs are amazing so they form outstanding landscape.After many talking about Blue Grotto i decide to go there and check.

How to get to Blue Grotto

Im based in Sliema and from here there i no direct bus, we took a bus to Valletta and from there to Blue Grotto. From Sliema you can catch 14, 15,16 bus number and from there catch a number 74 from A5 terminal in Valletta. journey is more than hour. with waiting of half an hour or hour between the buses.

blue grotto

What to See in Blue Grotto

We were passing trough some ancient ruins and some stone structures. Bus left us on 100 m  from the Blue Grotto. We went down the road to the ticket office , we pay 8 euro for the boat.If you go with the kids than 4 euro is for them . Plenty of little boats are there waiting for the customers to come in.

dof wondering around we got into the boat and head to the caves. The boat driver was carefully navigating us from one cave to another and explaining about them. What i notice was the water, how blue is and clean, You can see the floor from up. The whole tour is 30-40 min and bring us back.

blue grotto


Around the road many restaurants offering good food and some not expensive drinks. Also there is lot of small icecream trunks. Prices of the food which is mainly meat and is problem for vegetarians like me. Maltese food is mainly meat and some great fish recipes

blue grotto

From there i decide to take a open deck bus. Driving around the south was a nice way to see some ancient temples. After 30 min driving i get to St Julian and from there to Sliema. Got back into the hostel full with impression that i decide to put into this article.