Treehouse hotels- luxury way to enjoy in nature

We all dream for some exotic way of vacation. Something that is not so usual , something that is unique. Treehouse hotels that will remind you how wonderful is to be up in the forest and to look at the stars from the treehouse.Made a list from some of the most wonderful treehouse hotels in the world.

Green Village Bali

If you’ve ever dreamed about sleeping in a 6-story tall bamboo treehouse, the Green Village in Bali is your chance.  The community of eco friendly mega-mansion sprung up after a local school was built entirely out of  bamboo and other green materials.  The jungle community is highly focused on being self-sustained and the homes seem to blend right into nature.  This fusion is enhanced by playful engineering elements including open walls as well as layouts mimicking lotus flowers and palm leaves.  You’ll feel quite small approaching the huge treehouses which average 4 to 6 stories in height and almost reach the tree tops.  Worried about staying cool in a home with no walls?  The homes have a genius vented bamboo air condition system that cools your bed at night!
Actives at the Green Village include more than just lying around in hammocks and chilling with monkeys.  You can also tour their bamboo factory, join workshops on bamboo home building, investigate secret uses of the coconut tree, and play a bamboo xylophone called the Jegog.  Just exploring the treehouse themselves is a magical time that feels like a real-life Fern Gully.  There are tons of hand crafted details and some even have elevated bamboo tunnel entrances.  All of that, plus its not far from the Southern beaches of Bali!

treehouse hotel bali

 Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

Why it’s unique: Leading Swedish architects gave the backyard staple a strange futuristic makeover at the Treehotel outside Harads village (population: 600). Perched four to six meters above the ground, each of five treetop suites has its own look, whether resembling a bird’s nest, a flying saucer or a construction of Lego blocks. The most ingenious suite has a mirrored exterior, reflecting the forest on all six sides.
Access: Ramp, bridge, or (if you’re lucky) electric stairs.
What to do: Pursue the Northern Lights by dog-sled ride or snowshoe hike through the Lule River Valley in winter, or go fishing and kayaking in summer.
treehotel sweden

Papaya Playa Project treehouse Mexico

Quintana Roo jungle-meets-sea landscape can cause “chicken skin” (what the Mexicans call “goose bumps”). Tulúm’s leafy avenue off the coastal carretera sets expectations to “tropical paradise” – and this Yucatan Peninsula hotel delivers. Dropped off amid chit palms, walk only a few metres towards the sound of crashing waves for an uninterrupted panorama of bath-warm water in every shade of turquoise.

The scene insists you switch off and relax; the spiritually inclined may feel this is helped by a Mayan mysticism that emanates from the Unesco-status ruins of a 13th-century pre-Columbian walled city. Divers have the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, the second largest barrier reef in the world and cenotes (limestone caves) to explore.

treehotel mexico

Lion Sands treehouse hotel South Africa