Traveling and live as a local in foreign country

When we traveling to another place or country we should learn something about the local culture.To safe some money on you trip you should know places where locals goes. You must know the way how locals functions.

I`ve been traveling a lot around and always search for the best way to enjoy in my trips. Since the day one in conversation with locals i learn where their places for food, drinks etc are. Its  to get to the authentic restaurants or places in order to go through your trip cheaper and of course to learn more about the culture.

Accommodation for your traveling

For accommodation i will refer staying on AirBnb or sites like Warmshowers where you can stay with the local host. Plus this will also save some money because is cheaper than the hotels and maybe not cheaper but way better than staying in hostel.

Traveling around the globe i learn that finding a good host is a crucial.You can also find your own place and rent it but than you missing the chance to get some information from the locals.

Place to eat as a local

Always choose some local places where they serve local food. Traveling to some other country and not trying some of their traditional dish is like you never been there.Also always try to not enter in places that are near to the touristic area. Places in the touristic areas are way more expensive than those who are inside the cities.Where ever you go not forget to make a research and ask locals where is the place to eat. Locals will always gave you a good tips.

Entertain as a local

Check for the clubs and bars where mostly locals hang around. Usually this places are cheaper and you can enjoy in local music and have fun with locals. I am constantly checking the local scene and where i can fit best with my budget.

Before going to any country you should make a plan and know where the locals hangaround. Make sure that you will have enough funds to go through