Traveling around the world with your Backpack


Traveling around the world can be very fun.Backpacking is very popular and in fact is the best and cheapest way how to travel long all year around even more than that. Backpacking allow you a freedom in your movement and gave you some more flexibility. I am doing my self in the recent years after I figure out that I cant always afford standard way of traveling. Before you go you need to know few things , I will gave you few tips from my own experience to make your traveling even better.




First of all you need to know that everything depend from how you will travel alone or with group. Also depend if you travel with some expirience or with someone who will travel for first time with you. Also need to consider are you traveling with opposite sex partner or with same sex partner.


Backpacking Alone


This is the most flexible way of traveling and backpacking . In that case you can choose your own route and of course your own way to organize your trip. First make sure that you will organize your accommodation if you stay somewhere in some hostel make sure is the best location for you . Soon as you get there make sure to get in contact with people there and make a plan where and how to certain locations. Traveling alone will allow you to have a flexible plans about things that you will see and do.


– Backpacking with partner


Traveling with a partner means that you need to discus about certain plans how and where to go . What you will do and how long you will stay somewhere. Thats why from crucial importance is to know what your partner want and to not interfere with other person concept. Choose always partners similar to your understandings and thus you will never ever have a argue during your backpacking travel. Traveling with same sex partner its gaving you bit more flexibility but also traveling with different sex partner will gave you some flexibility if is similar to you. Another thing that is very important is that you need to share everything with your partner and discus always for what you should do as a team and deciding together.


Backpacking in group


Backpacking in group can be very complicate but also can be very simple and fun. As I wrote in travel with partner part from essential meaning is to choose right people similar to your style in that group. From my personal experience I would say that is better if you have more experience people in your group and in that case you ca discus about everything together but if you dont have many experience backpackers in that group better to choose who will be in charge for certain decisions . Therefor I will urge need of traveling with more experience group of people that know how to react in certain situations and will handle properly with all kind of tasks.


Group must make a agreement before they start about where and how to travel . Group can be flexible during the traveling but still need to have certain plan before the trip start.




No matter what type of backpacking you will choose you need to make a research before you go to some place and see if this destination is good for backpacking or not. For example certain countries dont have cheap accommodation and you need to check if the country fit into your budget. If you want to hike make sure that you will find is it possible and where is possible to do it. Some countries not allow camping in the nature so make sure that you will read about that before you start your trip. Make sure also to find the cheapest way to get there , plenty of sites offer you information on what is the cheapest flight or train ticket or bus or any other kind of  transport.

Important thing before you start your adventure is also to read the other people experience from that location that you choose to go. Make sure is it safe to backpack around and where is the best to move.





Make sure that you have the proper gear for your travel. Having all you need on backpacking trips is crucial and will define your trip in general. If you have the proper gear you will not have any extra expenses .


I will gave you few tips what is necessarily to take with you on the trip. Take your hygienic kit, staying clean and health is from essential meanings  for you. If you travel to hostel or something take your sleepingbag just in case if you dont have clean bedsheets there. If you camping and hitchhiking make sure that your tent is ok and you have enough food for your trip . If you backpacking in the urban areas with lot of people make sure that your belongs can not be take out from your backpack.


From great importance for you is to pick the right backpack.

Capacity. The number in pack names refers to the pack’s volume in liters. A common size for weekend trips (1–3 nights) is 35–50 liters. Multiday trips (3–5 nights) require packs of 50–80 liters. For longer trips, or if you’re toting a lot of winter or kids’ gear, choose 70 and higher.


Size: Backpacks are sized according to torso length, not a person’s height. The best way to get the right-sized pack is to visit an REI store and get expert help. If that’s not practical, you can get a friend to measure your torso lenght, determined by measuring the distance between the top of your hips to your C7 vertebrae—that bony protrusion near the base of your neck.

Loading and adjusting a pack. A backpack is designed to carry most of the load on your hips while your shoulders carry less. Keep heavy gear close to your back and near your shoulders.

Another important thing is your cloths cause you need to feel very comfortable when you travel .

Base layer. Sweaty cotton takes forever to dry, so choose a “technical” fabric, such as moisture-wicking polyester or wool, for your underware and longware

Pants or shorts. Convertable pants are popular. Their lower-leg portions can zip off if you want more air and sun.

Footwear.  Full or mid cut boots are traditional backpacking choices, though some folks prefer hiking shoes  or even trail runnersTennis shoes and urban/athletic footwear are too flexible for roots and rocks on trails. Sandals for lounging in camp are a nice luxury if you don’t mind toting the weight.

Socks. Avoid cotton. Wearing cotton on the trail is asking for blisters. Choose wool or hiking socks in a weight or thickness compatible with your footwear.

Head cover.  Brimmed hats, or other type of hat —it’s smart to shield your scalp from all-day sun exposure. Bring ample sunscreen for exposed skin.

Outerwear. Even if dry weather is forecast, a rain jacket keeps bugs off your arms and torso while in camp. An insulation layer (jacket or vest) wards off chills early or late in the day.

At the end I wish you happy travels and enjoy in your next backpacking trip.