5 ways how to travel cheap

Many of us dream to travel around the world but they dont have enough budget to do that . Every single of us happened this in a life . To want to go somewhere but to gave up because of the money.

Well now when we have a lot of cheap flights and other sites on internet that offer a cheap accommodation is easiest than ever to organize a cheap travel to somewhere. Here I will present you 5 things how to get to your dream location for cheap. This is the Top 5 ways to Travel Cheap


There is a lot of flight companies like RyanAir, WizzAir , EasyJet , AsiaAir, Jet Air and many more. Full list you can find here

There is plenty of flights for as little as 10-15 euros one way . Also some of the companies offer cheap package deals including hotels and flights.

If you dont like to fly than you can find some  cheap ferries here . Also there is plenty of yachts that can took you on board just if you offer a little job in return . My self was using this way just simple going to the port and asking some of the yachts or finding on internet . Another way to get cheap somewhere is to hitchhiking , as soon as you get to certain continent you can travel easy around . Africa is most dificult maybe for that not because people will not take you but because some areas are not so safe so you need to check good before you decide to do that in Africa. Asia, Europe , Americas is safe enough.


One of the option is to find a cheap accommodation on sites like booking.com or orbitz.com , also there is very cheap deals on short term renting apartments on airbn.com.If you want to get something for free, than look for sites where offer a accommodation in exchange for some volunteering . Plenty of guesthouses , hostels and hotels offer this. Some useful links you can find here

Another option is sites like couchsurfing.org or warmshowers where you can stay for free. Woofing is another great option to stay somewhere for free in exchange for some small work.I was doing this as well, staying for a 3 months in a guesthouse in Zurich after I pay 20CHF I got lot of contacts to get in contact with a host. This money are pay on one year. Some countries ask for more some for less, need to check their site to find out what is the best for you.


Even the most luxuries destination has cheap place or mid range where you can eat or  places to see without paying money.Making a research on Internet will help you to found out where you can eat for cheap where is the place to enjoy in good music and cheap drinks, where to enjoy for free.Also always make a contact with some of the locals because they know best where and what to do.


Its cheaper if you do that because than you will be able to pay without any fees and you will avoid the situation where someone will charge you less than you should get every time you buy something. And also you will show a respect to the local country.


Always use the public transport because is the cheapest way to get from A to B . If you want you can rent a car there and drive around or rent a motorbike and spend less on petrol and get everywhere you want. Many countries also offer bicycle rental so you can do that if you want. Don`t use taxi because everywhere this is expensive , use only if you really dont have any other option but also check with the locals who is the best and cheapest.

Using all this tips you can enjoy in a cheap and budget that will fit you . Organize everything that you can before you go cause one of the crucial things is to organize your trip better than will not be any surprises when you get there meaning you will not pay an extra because of that.

Happy Travels !!! Bon Voyage ….