Sibiu journey-Transylvania calling experience

Sibiu and Transylvania calling were one of many trips to a festivals that i have in last 17 years .Im a dj since 2000, mainly i was playing in my country since 2004 when i first went out to play in Croatia. 2007 was my first party in Romania. Location was one and only Transylvania Alps, mystic and wonderful in same time. Got my gig earlier that year after i apply with my dj set . Organizers like it and i was ready to start preparing my trip.

Cheapest way to get to Sibiu was with the train. 60 euros cost me to get to Sibiu and back . I booked my ticket from Skopje railway station but i need to change a train in Belgrade.

Soon as we start our trip i notice that this will not be the ordinary trip 🙂 First train was delay from Skopje , than was so slow and stopping on every station that we come too late in Belgrade and i missed the only train to Bucharest that should take me to Timisoara.

No other option so i decide to sleep over at my relatives in Belgrade and next day to continue to Romania. Train start on time was full and supposed to arrive around midnight in Timisoara. And yet again i was missing my connection 😀 With me in the train was a French guy who was traveling around the Balkan and he was going to meet some host on CouchSurfing– first time i have contact with this concept. I gave him my phone to call the host he offer me to ask the host for me to stay there.

Romanian guy was a great host , plus exlplain me a lot about the Couchsurfing experience. Than after the breakfast with the host and french guy we went to the station to catch our train to Sibiu.

Fabrice was going to some mid-evil festival in Deva. I was heading to the last station Sibiu. Arrive at the station and ask some people how to get to the location . We decide to go with a local bus to Gururauli village and than to walk to the location. Driving with the locals was fun they all look at us as someones who come from another planet 🙂

Once we get off the bus we start walk…. we were lucky to be pick up with a tractor that was going to the location . All 5 of us. I arrive at the party location set my tent and contact my friends from Belgium who were cycling from Budapest to Sibiu to attend the party.

Was one of the most beautiful parties where i was playing. Great atmosphere super friendly people and more making friends. After 7 days we left the party location and head back to Macedonia. Journey was amazing. From Sibiu to Timisoara we travel afternoon and was a very pleasant ride. When we arrive at night we need to wait for the train to Belgrade. Train station in Timisoara is one strange place , empty in that period just some homeless people going around the place or sleep inside 🙂 We catch the morning train to Belgrade and arrive there around 2 pm lunch time

After that we have some time to walk around eat something and we got back in Veles around 5 am . My friends decide to take the hotel at the lake instead of coming directly to my home. I was quite happy when after this long adventure i saw my bed .

sibiu square sibiu view sibiu