Top 3 anonymous Island to go for

We all know about famous islands- Aruba, Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives. I will not even mention Hawaii, than Bali or similar hot touristic places. There is lot more islands out there that waiting for you to visit them. I made a list of three not so known island. Those islands i want to visit once in my life. After doing my research on internet and talk with people this is what i complete. Lets see the top 3 list :

Utila, Honduras
First one on our top 3 list is this little paradise is only 11 kilometers long, but it has 60 dive sites, 18-meter whale sharks (don’t worry, they’re vegetarian) and some of the cheapest scuba prices in the Caribbean.
For as little as $140 per night, you can get your own deserted island, complete with a fully furnished two-bedroom house.
Most of the 2,500 locals live near Eastern Harbor, a tiny village with nothing but locally owned hotels, restaurants and dive shops.
Water Cay, one of many “caylitos” that make up Utila’s collection of tiny islands, hosts Sun Jam, a two-day music and dancing fiesta the first weekend of August.
Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras; for Sandy Cay, Little Cay or another private-island rental, check the official Utila website or call +504 3298 6832; private islands from $140 per night
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 Marettimo, Italy
Second on our top 3 list is Marettimo island.The whitewashed houses, colorful fishing villages and year-round mile climate feel almost African, but this beauty is in Italy, in the Egadi Islands, just an hour by boat from Sicily.
There are no cars on the island — that means no carbon fumes, no gunning motors, no taxi drivers honking for you to step it up.
What Marettimo specializes in is peacefulness.
top 3 exotic
XXXX Island, Australia
Man caves out. Man islands in.
Last on this list of top 3 islands is XXXX idsland in Australia.The reason XXXX island is little known is because it’s still in diapers.
It was only hatched a year or so ago when beverage company Lion, which owns the XXXX Gold brand, leased the 15-acre property, acquired naming rights (the island used to be called Pumpkin Island) and started holding promotional competitions.
The island is now the ultimate beer paradise, with a pool table, darts, a golf course (OK, it has one hole), Xbox room, rods and tackle, a bar showing nonstop sports and huts with names like The Locker Room and the House of Rock.
You can’t rent those huts, but you can win vacations here along with three of your closest buddies.
Contest winners started showing up in late 2012 for coming up with such creative schemes as beer butlers, football goals set in the ocean, a spray sunscreen booth, tree houses with fireman poles and a “loo with a view,” a glassed-in bathroom overlooking the ocean.
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