5 things to do before you travel

Before you go on your well deserved vacation or travel you need to know few things .Here it is the 5 things that every traveler need to do before go to travel somewhere.Many things should be prepare before we go. From booking of a flight to making a plan what to see and do there.Lets go step by step and see what we need before we start our journey.

1.Make a booking of your  flight 

There is a many sites for searching flights out there but skyscanner.net are the best because they have the best base of flights, hotels, package deals , cruising deals and car renting. Booking a flight on this site is best option due the cheapest flight options offered.

2.Choose best accommodation 

Best sites to search for accommodation is Orbitz.com with lot of hotels and package deals and for subletting best place to search is AirBnB.com.

3.Choose where to go and what to see

One of the best site that will gave you a lot of information about what to see what to do and all kind of things need to know what to expect is wikitravel.com or lonelyplanet.com . Many travelers also use tripadvisor.com

4.Getting around

If you driving with a car around the country you should know how much will cost from one city to another. Rome2Rio.com is best site for that ,

5. Where to eat and where to go out 

You can explore for your self around the area you will stay but if you wanna be prepare before you go than you can check on tripadvisor.com site that has biggest base of restaurants and bars that you can visit during you stay. Also you can read more about food and travel on POSITIVE HEALTH WELNESS

Now just one thing left for you. Prepare your stuffs , choose a destination and booked your flight. Enjoy you travels and see you around some of many beautiful places around the globe.