Thessaloniki – Trip to the Aegean pearl

Thessaloniki is city located in North part of Greece. Its a city who has lot of ancient history and tradition. Also has wonderful coast line and fantastic climate. One of my friends was visiting the city so i decide to join him. My born city is Veles, located 190 km north from Thessaloniki in Macedonia.

There is 2 daily buses from Macedonia ( Skopje , Veles) to Thessaloniki. One of the buses is in the morning ( 6am) and afternoon ( 5pm). I bought my ticket and wait on the bus station in Veles. Bus come on time 5-50 pm and was small comfortable van ( if many people come i a bus). Driving was nice and easy , 2-30 min is the time of this ride.

At the border we dont wait much , is off season so is reasonable to not wait much. Less traffic for sure.Arriving at the train station parking where this company is based a head to the city center to look for a accommodation. Plenty of hostels and hotels around this area also AirBnB is famous option and can be used as well. Make sure to book your place in advance otherwise might get in situation like me to search several places cause most of them are full.

White tower Thessaloniki Thessaloniki port thesssaloniki port

Thessaloniki is getting more and more popular and many tourists come . City is also famous for his University so many exchange students come. Was 10 pm and i found good hotel on 1,5 km down the Egnatia street . Hotel was with old look like from 500-600 years ago, place was clean and ordinary. Nothing luxury but close to anything you need and cheap ( private room 20 euro). Room didnt have a bathroom you need to share but have lovely view and was clean.

Meet my friend in the center of the city near the port and White tower. On my way i saw many old Byzantine monuments and churches. Around you can see narrow lovely street typical for Mediterranean architecture. All the bars , clubs and restaurants were there. People walking on the street , drinking beer on the benches. We went to the near by shop bought some domestic beer ( was 1 euro ) and sit and talk about many things. We do enjoy the fantastic weather and great energy.

Food is amazing and so cheap, range from 1-3 euros for all kind of typical Greek street food. Greeks are friendly and want to talk and show their food and tradition.

In the morning we went to the port , have a coffee some cookies and enjoy the sea. Lot of people were doing the same , kids running around the whole energy was amazing.

We get up on the White Tower, one of the city symbols. You have fantastic view from there. You can see the cities hills surrounding the center. You can see the mountains on the horizon with still snow on it. Boats coming and going with tourist gave them a tour around. Inside the tower you can see museums showing the Thessaloniki history. As my friend told me this place has a rich history, build in the Byzantine time and once was use as a prison.

On the far left you can see the Airport , from there Thessaloniki is connected with many places in Europe and outside of Europe. Lot of cheap flights goes from here. Also many ferries from port to the islands and back.

Thessaloniki is truly fascinating place, vibrant city with culture and beauty. My trip slowly finish next day and i hit the road again back to Macedonia. Also from the parking place of the train station i catch a bus back to my city . Was a wonderful time spend there and memories written here. I promise my self ill be back soon as possible

Till than… Happy travels folks !

Thessaloniki pano