Tel Aviv place where modern and ancient meet

I wrote a text about Israel few months ago. That was more or less general guide around Israel . I have been so many times in Israel that was difficult for me to put all my experience into one article. Most of mine time i spend in Tel Aviv, place where old and new meet. Place where you can enjoy in fast 24/7 life or relaxed life on the beach. Tel Aviv is special place with special people and  is one of my favorite. I decide to write an city guide to help all of you who havent been there to go and enjoy.

Getting in Tel Aviv

Most common way of course is by the airport, international Ben Gurion airport. From there to Tel Aviv you can use the public transport that is very reliable. From Sunday to Thursday you have trains and buses as well as shuttle buses on every 30 min. Friday is the Shabbat  and till Saturday 17-00 not working at all. Have on mind that if you can dont get to the airport from 17:00 Friday to 17:00 Saturday. No transport so you need to get a taxi which will cost you 40 $ ( 160 NIS ) to the city.

Also have on mind that train is going only from Terminal 2 and 3 … From terminal 1 you can only catch a bus.

tel aviv night


What to see and what to do in Tel Aviv

Well many things you can do in Tel Aviv but let me start from the beginning. My first suggestion will be old town of Yafo . Wondering around the narrow street and visiting the old bazar and flea market or how is on hebrew Shuk Hapishpishim. This area has plenty of fantastic mid range and low range restaurants and fantastic hummus and falafel places. Also you can visit the clock tower that stand there in the middle and of course visit the Bridge of Love. Jaffa port is the place where you can relax with coffee.

Those who want to enjoy in swimming there is 2 wonderful beaches when you walk toward the Tel Aviv downtown. There you have a small park with walking pedestrian trail as well as bicycle trail. If someone enjoy in surfing Jaffa is the place where you have 2 surf clubs that can teach you.

Further down the street is the city downtown with more beaches on the left and restaurants and hostels and hotels on right. Also this area is home of several clubs. If you walk a bit inside the city you can get to Dizengoft center. Place where you can enjoy in the shopping. Not far from here if you keep going on Alenby street you will get to Rotchild boulevard. Tel Aviv most exclusive places are located there. Walking down the boulevard you can get into the wonderful area- Neve Tzedek , boem and art area . Narrow street lovely places and super friendly people thats what you get in this part of Tel Aviv.

tel aviv sunset

Going through the center again you can reach the central square or what on hebrew is Kikar Rabin ( Rabin Square) . On this street you have also many bars and clubs. Also people sit and read and enjoy on the sun at the square.

North part of the Tel Aviv is known for the biggest park – Hayarkon, seperate on two half by the Yarkon River. There you can enjoy in various things. North part of  Tel Aviv is also area where most of the businesses have their offices. North part of Tel Aviv is also a home of new marina, place where some exclusive restaurants are located .

Other things worth to see are Azorolov tower , for art exhibition you can visit Susan Delal center located near Neve Tzedek and also Ben Gurion memorial house.

tel aviv jaffa

When we talk about clubs many of the clubs are based on King George street or further up in the center. Many of them work during the week , but in Friday and Saturday they are really full.

What was fascinating for me personally was the amount of parties that was happening around the city and into the clubs.

Accommodation in Tel Aviv

Not that difficult to find.  Airbnb or subletting  are very popular among the tourists. Prices are reasonable. Cheaper option is if you visit one of the plenty hostels there. Overstay hostel was my choice, place where you have a bed in bunkbed room for only 10$. Many of the hotels are in the range between 25$ and 50$ a room. Of course super luxury hotels exist in Tel Aviv too, but they are not subject of my focus in this article.

If i convinced to travel to Tel Aviv, maybe we can meet and drink some local beer or wine.

Happy Travels lovely people …



On Shabbat and some other religious holidays public transport is reduce or not going at all. Working week start in Sunday, therefor weekend start in Thursday night . City is very safe and people are super friendly.  Check for the trains and anything else here on ISRAELI RAILWAYS