Tara National Park – visiting the untouched nature in Serbia

The Tara National park, Serbia, covers 19.175 ha at the highest part of the mountain Tara, and is located in the municipality of Bajina Bašta and Užice in western Serbia.It borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina, bounded by Drina. Despite today’s presence of man and his/it’s impact on ecosystems, Tara has maintained its outstanding natural values, which is why it is declared a national park.

The mountain Tara belongs to an Old Vlach mountain area and consists of regional units of the Kaluđera ponds, Tara, Aluške Mountains, Crni vrh and Zvijezda. The surface is 183 square miles, the length 50 km and the width of 22 km. The average altitude is 1,200 meters, but the highest peak Koziji rid (goat hill) reaches 1,591 meters.

Tara mountain

How to get to Tara National Park

If you travel from Belgrade to Tara than is 4 hours trip to Western Serbia. There is a local buses to Uzice, Valjevo, Bajina Basta and at those places you can enter into the Tara national Park.Also if you drive you take the same roads to get in. You can also take the bus from Sarajevo or other city in Bosnia. Drina river that pass through the park and for the border is on the border between Serbia and Bosnia.

tara national park

My trip to Tara National Park

The idea for visiting this national park come from a conversation with a friend during one of my trips to Belgrade. He mention about this paradise place with amazing nature rivers waterfalls and forest. Untouched beauty that i must see. When i got back home i check on Internet organize my plan and hit the road. Before i got there i contact some place to arrange my accommodation. I found so many options and places . Most of them range 10 euro for a bed till 30 euro whole apartment . Also you have some more luxury places for 50 euro a day.

I choose Jelena vila  , nice area price was bargain 25 euros whole apartment… all we need was just a place to sleep. Excited about the whole adventure pack our stuffs in the car and get ready for our long trip. We drive on E75 toward Nis. After we pass Parakin we turn left toward Uzice. whole journey is 506 km . If you want a bit shorter but less good roads than you go through Kosovo, 20 km shorter road and nature is nicer i would say but road is not so good.Getting to Uzice we took local road to Bajina Basta so we slowly get to our accommodation.

Tara drina houses

Villa “Jelena” is located on the monastic ponds in the center of the mountain Tara. Place have 3 apartments all of them have separate entrance so you can enjoy in your privacy if you want.First of our three days stay in the park we spend on walking around the forest near the villa and eating some taste domestic food in nearby restaurants.

Second day we went to Raca Monestery one of the spiritual center in the area. Hold some old scripts and documents and is surrounded with some untouched nature . It is an easy trail. It starts from the Rača monastery and leads to the natural reserve Klisura Rače. The trail leads through a beech forest along the river. It ends with the waterfall Lađevac and a spring. It is a warm water source of karst origin, 17 º C, for the treatment of skin diseases.

tara raca canyon

Stay there for a while and enjoy in the clear water , from the spring you can even drink water if you want . We decide to do our Yoga and meditation routine there , have some lunch and keep exploring around so we close the second day. There is plenty of things to do in this park. So more you stay more you will have a time to fully enjoy in the park.

Fishing: How great is that you can actually fish at the national park, mostly at artificial lakes of Tara, since fishing is forbidden on rivers and streams. So make sure you check with the administration first where is safe to fish.

Cycling: The national park Tara currently has three marked cycling routes, but they can also serve as hiking trails. The most popular one is from the town of Zlatibor to Tara and backwards. NOTE: There is possibility of renting a bike if you don’t have your own. The price for one hour rent is 150 RSD (1.2 €) and price for the whole day is 600 RSD (5 €).

Kayaking: We’re sure some of you would like to experience kayaking on one of many artificial lakes of the national park, and the best thing is that you can rent them whenever you want – for 200 RSD (2.5 €) if it is just for an hour, or 800 RSD (6.5€) per day.

Camping in Tara National park is amazing and really fascinating and of course is possible to camp around the area. What you need to know is that there is plenty of wild animals in the park including bears . Make sure that you are on the safe place if you decide to camp there.

tara monastery

Best time to visit Tara National Park

Definitely the best time is from May to August. Its warm and no snow. During the winter there is lot of snow so you cant walk or explore around. We were in May and nature was all green , lot of water in the streams and rivers and whole atmosphere was magical. If you decide to go in winter you should just stay around your accommodation and enjoy in the idila but don`t walk around the forest at that time.

At the end i would really recommend this park because is beautiful and full with beauties all kind of little springs, rivers , Drina is amazing and one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe . There is so many things to see that i will need 10 articles to explain 🙂 Great thing about this place is free and no entrance fee is require . In many similar places we pay so much to see the natural beauty.

tara forest