Sustainable tourism- Eco trend or future

On my blog i wrote several articles about eco tourism and reason why is a future way of traveling. As a huge fan of eco traveling and staying in eco hostels i decide to write about 5 best Sustainable hotels in the world. I made some research and come across some amazing places. The fact that more sustainable hotels are made give me a thinking that this is the future.

1.Hawaii Island Retreat at Ahu Pohaku Ho’omaluhia

The Hawaii Island Retreat at Ahu Pohaku Ho’omaluhia takes green initiative to the next level as part of the International Ecotourism Society. Not just low flush toilet and recycling systems-although those can be found here too — but solar panels and windmills for heating and salt purification for the pool. The spa also creatures and utilizes many products from their 50 acre organic farm including papaya, avocado, goat’s milk, aloe vera and coffee. You can also learn about gardening and cooking from the experts themselves! The whole resort was designed for the cool Kohala breezes to cross ventilate, eliminating the need for air conditioning

sustainable hawai

2.Six Senses Con Dao – Vietnam

The building materials come from sustainable resources, the structure maximizes air flow to reduce the need for air conditioning and the staff has a passionate commitment to social responsibility and reducing the carbon footprint.This luxurious sustainable hotel is a combination of modern and old.

Unique and personal encounters are crafted by a wealth of experts from diverse backgrounds, from visiting spa practitioners and celebrity chefs, to star gazers, marine biologists and even our own international panel of wellness professionals. These fascinating folk complement our dedicated hosts and help to establish the quintessence of Six Senses.

sustainable vietnam


3.Whitepods Swiss Alps sustainable resort

This ‘eco-luxury’ hotel in the Swiss Alps offers a unique and sustainable Alpine experience. Guests stay in luxury pods that have minimal environmental impact and are made from a self-supporting framework to minimise the use of building materials. Each pod is heated with its own wood stove, which runs on locally sourced wood. Lighting is by LED bulbs and is kept to a minimum at night, and local spring water replaces bottled water. The hotel also uses water-saving devices on taps and showers, and timers on boilers.

swiss sustainable

4.Puntal Islita – Costa Rica

Hotel Punta Islita is a luxury hotel in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and it’s won awards for its sustainability. It describes its approach as “planet-friendly, people-positive”. Wildlife conservation, reforestation and local employment are key concerns, and the hotel rather poetically states on its website that its “caring attitude” makes it “better empowered to protect the environment, champion economic opportunity, and celebrate the cultural differences that color the fabric of human experience.”

sustainable costa rica

5.The Proximity Hotel Greensboro US

Designed and constructed to the highest level of LEED certification, the Proximity Hotel is still finding ways to augment their green standards. This sustainable hotel offers guests bicycles to reduce the need for your car in the lovely city of Greensboro as well as Green Tours for guests and members of the local community introducing them to their sustainable practices. Take a nice hot shower in comfort knowing that the water you use was heated by the rooftop solar panels. If you’re snacking at the Print Works bistro, take note of the bar made entirely of salvaged from either storm-downed or sick solid walnut trees.

proximity hotel sustainable