Street Art- 5 most artistic cities to go

Different type of people and tourists enjoy in different type of things when they travel. Someone love architecture , some nature , some beaches, someone nightlife … But plenty people want to see interesting street art.  Around the globe we have many interesting arts. Many fascinating graphities or some out of this world structures. Today i decide to make a compilation of 5 best artistic cities in the world. Lets enjoy in the finest street art.

Mexico city – Mexico

You can see some incredible street art in Mexico City, where public murals with historical significance have been a part of the city landscape for many years.

The city just recently became more colorful after “All City Canvas” went into play. The graffiti art in Mexico City conducted for this project was legal; in fact it took 11 long months to gather the appropriate permissions. 9 artists, some local and some foreign, were then brought in to paint the buildings as they are today.

street art  mexico

Melbourne- Australia

Kicking this off with Melbourne the street art mecca of Australia. One of the cool things about Melbourne is that the art is vibrant and celebrated – embraced and not erased! It’s not tricky to find whole streets dedicated to some phenomenal pieces of work, both in the city centre and surrounding suburbs. If you’re in Melbourne city centre check out Union Street, Bourke Street and Hosier Lane. Half the fun is finding the streets yourself but if you head to the tourist point you can hop onto a street art walking tour.

melbourne  street art

Rishikesh  street art – India

Located in the foothills of the ‪Himalayas in northern India, ‪Rishikesh is known as the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’. Taking the spirit of street art much further, Rishikesh Street Art is not only limited to streets but buildings, broken tin roofs, bridges and more. These master pieces have quietly instigated an art movement in the city of Rishikesh, and led to birth of a visual festival called Rishikesh Street Art Festival.

street art india

London  UK

London’s dynamic street art scene got a big official boost in 2008, when the Tate Modern exhibited work by six renowned street artists from around the world. While artists like Banksy were putting up work on the street long before the museum’s recognition, an increased public awareness means that street art is permitted, lauded, and, in some cases, protected by plastic. One thing that hasn’t changed much? The best areas for appreciating street art remain in the East End.

street art london

Buenos Aires Argentina

In BA, street artists can legally tag any building so long as its owners consent. The result is an abundance of top-tier graffiti throughout the city, including works by France’s Jef Aerosol, Aryz of Spain, and America’s Ron English. Subject matter ranges from political commentary by Italy’s Blu to celebratory portraits of Argentine soccer victories by local Martin Ron

street art buenos aires