A story for one true Globetrotter and Traveler

This blog is about traveling, all kind of travel tips , stories and information. In moments when i was strike by the news of losing a great friend and i would say brother. In those moments i feel urge to write a diferent type of article, tribute to a friend, traveler, brother and adventures Story for a person that was very close friend to me and was traveling in 100 plus countries in the World. This is a story for my friend Yoav…

Yoav was ambitious traveler, free spirit , explorer . He was born and live in Israel but since his early 20s he was traveling around the world. One of the first area that he went to was Europe and South America. Covering every single country in Europe and America`s in period from 2003-2007. Traveling solo mainly , traveling with europass train ticket in Europe and traveling with buses and cars in South America.

Yoav was friendly guy first time i meet him in Tel Aviv, may 2008… since than we stay very close friends and almost like a family. He contact me through Couchsurfing and told me that he was in Macedonia and Balkan area few months ago and that would like to meet me and talk with me .

He took me with the car from the Azrieli center in Tel Aviv and drive me to the beach near the city where we have a wine and talks about our travels and experience. In 2009 i met him and stay with him in Rehovot . After that he went to Asia i went to Africa.We meet again 2011 when he come to my place after i have a big loss ( my mom die ) and we stay and travel around Macedonia for 2 months. After that he went to Kiev. I went to Switzerland.

We reunite in Zurich january 2012. Yoav came from London and we stay in the same guest house . Later that year in the summer of 2012 he came to Macedonia again. 3 months of great time and i went to Romania he went back to Israel and from there to India.

From India he went to Australia, met some Japanese girl and he stay there for several months.2013 i was in Belgium, Germany and we were talking to meet again. We meet end of 2014, beginning of 2015 in Tel Aviv. Spend a bit time in his home in Rehovot. 2016 i got back from Israel and we lost our contact for several months almost a year.

Reason why that happened was his illness and condition. Cancer was eating him but his strong spirit was fighting till the end. We spoke in August 2017 i told him about my dad dead he was telling me that he is more sad for me than for what is happening to him. He was losing weight but still not giving up…

This story is for Yoav, i want to remember him and decide to dedicate an article to him… Yoav will always be in our thoughts and memories. A great friend that was always here to give you advice. About life, travel and anything else

May your soul Rest in Peace my dear friend…. May your name and things you do will always be remembered by us…