Stargazing -Find out which places are best for star watching

Universe is an amazing place to be in. All those stars and landscape create an outstanding picture that is embedded in our minds forever.  Stargazing is another wonderful thing to do if you are traveling the globe and seek for something interesting to do and see. There is some places where you can enjoy in watching of the stars till fullness.

I made a list of best 9 places to watch the stars and enjoy in the stargazing. Lets see what are the best places in the world for Stargazing

1.Tenerife on the Canary Islands

With its high altitude, proximity to the Equator, and distance from tropical storms, the remote Canary Islands off mainland Morocco enjoy some of the clearest, darkest skies. What’s more, Tenerife, the largest island, passed a law that controls flight paths in order to protect its stargazing conditions. It’s also the host of the semi-annual Starmus Festival, a celebration of science, music, and the arts.  Festival attendees, which have included Neil Armstrong and Stephen Hawking, enjoy lectures, screenings, and space-themed parties. Until the next gathering, visitors can tour the Teide Observatory (open April through December) or take a cable car to the top of volcanic Mount Teide for dinnertime stargazing.

stargazing tenerife


The southern sky with the galaxy core reaching overhead is a spectacle. The Magellanic Clouds and the Southern Cross add to this beauty. Atacama, one of the world’s driest places and home to many observatories, is an astronomer’s paradise.

For general stargazers, the night sky is optimum in many areas of the desert. San Pedro de Atacama in northern Chile is a perfect stargazing hub with remote Altiplano highlands (in summer) or lower flats (in winter) just a short drive away. Atacama has transparent and clear skies for many nights a year. Walking on the red and rocky desert feels like being on Mars.

stargazing chile

3.Trysil, Norway

Every sky-scanner’s bucket list should include seeing nature’s most remarkable light show, the Northern Lights. You’ll find the heavens ablaze with ethereal swirls of color in Trysil, eastern Norway, where ski slopes and hiking trails make it a fantastic outdoor destination. Stay in one of the stargazing cabins to watch the lights come to life against an inky night plotted with limitless constellations.To be honest with you this is one of my personal favorite places to go. Wonderful landscape in Norway give you an ultimate enjoyment in your stargazing adventure.

stargazing norway

4. NamibRand Nature Reserve in Namibia

When the International Dark-Sky Association (a group that recognizes places for their sky quality) formed in 1988, its first reserve to achieve Gold Tier status (the IDA’s highest award) was Namibia’s NamibRand Nature Reserve. in the arid Namib Desert and 60 miles from the closest village. Here visitors can camp out in the arid Namib Desert and take a guided tour of the dunes. There’s also Wolwedans, a camp complex whose Mountain View Suite includes a summertime ‘star-gazing’ bed on its main veranda. Namibia vast desert and outstanding landscape offer a true pleasure for those who camp and stargazing there.

stargazing namibia

5.Connemara, Ireland

One of the most western parts in Europe is famous for its unspoiled nature and historical heritage. Also it is a great place to go watching stars, since the skies here are clear from urban lights. Therefore a lot of amateur astronomers visit Connemara, which also provides numerous accommodation opportunities at some small adorable village.

Connemara is absolutely stunning and there is plenty to see and do during the day. But also it provides a clear night sky, that can be observed from various impressive sites. Ireland have some of the most amazing spots for stargazing and Connemara is the best one among them. Also one of my personal favorite places to go. Definitely special energy you can feel there

connemara stargazing

6. Ayers Rock stargazing Australia

Stargazing at Uluru is something that just has to be experienced. It should be on your bucket list. The sky above Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia is one of the most impressive skies in the world to stargaze. The reason for this is, that in the Australian outback there is no artificial light that could interfere with the dark night sky. In addition the southern hemisphere offers some spectacular sky objects, such as the Magellanic clouds and the famous Southern Cross constellation. The milky way has so much power that is even is visible when the moon is shining.

The moonset looks like a sunset because there are small clouds hiding it. When the moon disappears, the milky way arouses it’s whole spectrum of colors and shows all it’s beauty. The center of our galaxy slowly lays down above the famous rock, until the milky way finally sets down and lets the Magellanic Clouds rule the sky.

Before the sun rises again, there are some clouds passing. This is a nice opportunity to notice that there is really no light pollution at all in the Australian outback: The clouds are black, because normally when there are even only some artificial light sources, the clouds are enlightened from the bottom so strongly, that they turn red or orange.

stargazing australia

7. Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve in New Zealand

The world’s largest dark-sky reserve sits on a high country plateau in New Zealand called the Mackenzie Basin, which is ringed entirely by mountains on the country’s rugged South Island. On Earth & Sky’s nighttime tour of Mt. John Observatory, used by astronomers from Japan, Germany, and the U.S., visitors can spot the Magellanic Clouds—satellite galaxies of the Milky Way visible only from the southern hemisphere. Park offer amazing view and many people from all around the globe travel to witnessed this outstanding stargazing images.



Nepal it self is an amazing place. High mountains and fascinating peaks make a picture so amazing.  Stargazing in Nepal especially in Sagarmatha national park is fascinating.  Sky is so bright that you have a feeling that is a day not night . High contrast between snow little village in the bottom of the mountain and wonderful view on the stars make this place one of the best for stargazing. Even National Geographic put pretty high on the list this wonderful village on the list for best stargazing places.

This is where the roof of the world touches the sky. My most dramatic stargazing experience was in Himalayan villages and on hiking treks here, especially in Sagarmatha (“Forehead in the Sky” in Nepali) National Park, near Namche Bazaar, where stars appear over Mount Everest.

nepal stargazing

9. Pic du Midi, France

Keep your head in the clouds with a visit to the Pic du Midi. In summer, outdoor adventurers make the hike up to the top, while those coming in winter can take the cable car before staying the night in the sky-high hotel that offers use of the giant telescope to get a closer look at the looming galaxies and lunar craters. I would say one of the best places for stargazing in France. Pic du Midi place where star watching has a different perspective