St Thomas- Caribbean island , beauty that haven`t seen before

When comes to winter in North Hemisphere especially Europe one thing coming to your mind. Can i go somewhere where is the sun shining. St.Thomas is one of the Caribbean islands, place where winter doesnt exist. Great weather and amazing water attract milions of tourist , mostly of them from Europe and USA.

St. Thomas is the gateway isle of the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. It’s known for its beaches and snorkeling spots. Territorial capital Charlotte Amalie, founded by the Danish in the 1600s, is a busy cruise-ship port. Historic buildings include a 1679 watchtower called Blackbeard’s Castle, in reference to the area’s pirate history. On the harbor, 17th-century Fort Christian is now a local-history museum.But thats just some facts that will not influence on your final impression.


When i decide to go there was November year 2013. Cold winter in Europe i was looking for a gateway. Been to Aruba before i knew that this area is perfect for end of the year.I check the popular site  found a great deal from LOndon to St Thomas.

Very cheap flights you have from US and all that area . From Europe just London and Holland sometime Germany has a good flights to there.


St Thomas is a small isle so nothing spectacular on the airport, we got into the taxi and left to our hotel in Charlotte Amalie. Made a research what can i do there pick up few phones and organize a snorkeling and scuba diving. This isle is also gateaway for the honeymoons so dont be surprised if you see lot of young couples there.

If you ask me Caribbean sea is the best for scuba diving and snorkeling . Its so clear that reefs look more alive 🙂


To some, Trunk Bay is the Mecca of beaches. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another Caribbean beach with sand quite so pearly or water so aquamarine. And as it’s cocooned by the Virgin Islands National Park, Trunk Bay still maintains its otherworldly serenity despite its constant barrage of tourists. “I recommend going early in the morning. Several years ago we arrived around 7 in the morning and we were able to get some photos of empty beaches and had the snorkeling all to ourselves,” one TripAdvisor user noted about avoiding crowds.

There’s no beach on St. Thomas (or maybe even the entire Virgin Islands archipelago) that’s as celebrated as Magens Bay. So let us add our own poetic schpeel: This north coast beach could potentially be the most photogenic and swimmable shore of the Virgin Islands. But years of positive reinforcement has led to an intense popularity with tourists who are all too willing to pay the entry fee to enjoy Magens’ charms.

I want to see bit more wild life so i went to Sandy point national . Sandy Point is a southern beach in St. Croix that moonlights as a habitat and natural refuge for the leatherback sea turtles. During the day, you can swim in the shallow waters or sunbathe along the buff-colored sand. If you’re lucky you might catch some turtles nesting their eggs in Sandy Point’s 2-mile stretch.

Isle is very small and driving around is really great . People are driving slow and without to much stress . Renting a car its easy due lot of companies there.

Accommodation is available and depend of th type of accommodation that you take prices are different. But if you looking you’ll find a budget that will fit into your budget.


After 2 weeks of enjoying i left this place with great memories and promise that ill share my experience with my friends and come back to St Thomas in certain period again.

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