Solo Travel- Best destination to travel alone

There is a difference between traveling alone and traveling with someone or with group. Many of destinations that are solo travel friendly are also good for groups . We focus on list of solo travel destinations for those who love to move around alone.

Lombok and the Gili Islands, Indonesia

Picture three minuscule desert islands, fringed by white-sand beaches and coconut palms, sitting in a turquoise sea: the Gilis are a vision of paradise. These islets have exploded in popularity, and are booming like nowhere else in Indonesia – speedboats zip visitors direct from Bali and hip new hotels are massing.It’s not hard to understand the Gilis’ unique appeal, for a serenity endures (no motorbikes or dogs!

Small islets like this are perfect for solo travel because you can easy manage around and found what ever you need.

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Cuba Solo Travel Guide

But regardless, with any solo traveling expedition, you should always take some pre-cautions, and research what it’s like to be alone in places like Cuba…where no one speaks English, credit and debit cards are not accepted, and Wifi is almost non-existent. Here’s what I gathered from solo travel in Cuba!

Casa Particulars are people’s homes that rent out rooms to travelers and tourists. Many of them house exchange students from the U.S. so are a great way to meet other people, learn about the area you’re in, how and where to go, and even can help you with translations.
Casa Particulars are also much cheaper than staying at a hotel, and usually include the option for home cooked meals! It’s a lot easier now too to find them because most big travel-finder sites list them, and even offer deals since it’s a relatively new concept!

Cuba is a great place so you can explore around and see many things. Learn a bit spanish at least some basic phrases to get around easier . People are super friendly and they are more than willing to hang around with you.

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Guatemala Solo Travel guide

Guatemala is not without its challenges. Poverty and crime do exist, and shuttle buses can be cramped and rarely on time. However, when you go, I think you will join those of us who love this country for its culture, diverse landscapes, beauty and cuisine. And hey, it’s also one of the least expensive places in the world to travel, with some amazing and unparalleled sites. You will see things you can’t see anywhere else, meet amazing people and pay a fraction of what you will pay in a developed country. It is absolutely worth the challenges.

Fantastic for solo travel, there is no shortage of great hostels. Looking for a private room with bathroom on a stunning black volcanic sand beach for under $8 a night? Visit Montericco. How about a unique jungle dorm with tons of great activities, the craziest shower you have ever seen and mountain valley views to die for for $4 a night? Try Lanquin. Did I mention it’s only a short drive away from the stunning Natural Monument, Semuc Champey.

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Kenya Solo Travel guide

Kenya can be a great country for solo travellers on a safari holiday. Most small safari camps and lodges are very sociable, friendly places. The guests will often dine together, and usually go out on safari activities also, so you won’t be alone while on holiday – unless you want to be.

Many camps will waive their single supplement during the low season for solo travel, and there are a few which also keep this policy all year round. We’ve highlighted some of the best camps and lodges for solo safaris below. However, do book your holiday well in advance with us, especially when you are solo travel  in Kenya.

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South Island – New Zealand solo travel

Perhaps you may be wondering whether traveling alone in New Zealand is such a good idea or whether it is safe for a young woman to travel alone in New Zealand, which is why I’m taking the time now to write this article.

If you want you can prepare better before you travel to South Island. I usually go there and ask people when ever i need something to find. Or as a solo travel person i download  maps on  so is even more easier to travel. South Island is a wonderful place to go , scenery is really amazing so this should be a one more fact for you to decide to travel. Generally is easy to move around alone because place is not so big and of course people speak english so you can ask .

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