Slovakia is a central European country and one of the less visited but yet amazingly beautiful country. My first contact and visit of Slovakia was when i was a little kid,barely remember this beauty from that time. Soon as i get chance i went back to Slovakia to explore more. Because my intention was to hike and camp in the mountain i went during the summer.


July was the month when i decide to pack my stuffs and go. Start my journey with train , although flying with a plane was option. Leave my city around 10 pm and arrive in Belgrade in the morning next day.After i wait a bit a catch a train to Budapest. Exploring the city of Budapest till train and later that night i was in the train to Bratislava, capital of Slovakia.


Was too dark to see during the most of the trip. But when sun rise i was fascinated with the nice view.Arrive at time for the breakfast in Bratislava. Slovakia capital Bratislava is the biggest and center of everything in Slovakia. My plan was 10 days total in Slovakia. Got a airbnb place in Bratislava and stay for a 3 day to explore the city.

Walk Along The Danube River. The Old Town area and the pedestrian walkway along the Danube. The Castle is one of the best things to see in the city. A view of the Castle from the Slavin Hill. The famous Blue Church. Not only is the memorial very interesting but there are some great views of the city up here as well.Nightlife is a different story 🙂

Three days after i arrive and spend time in Bratislava i move to one of the most beautiful area – Tatra.

Slovak Paradise National Park is one of the nine national parks in Slovakia, situated in East Slovakia. The National Park protects the area of the Slovak Paradise mountain range, which is located in the north of the Slovenské rudohorie Mountains.

The National Park covers an area of 197.63 km², and the buffer zone around the park covers an area of 130.11 km²; 327.74 km² together. Eleven national nature reserves and eight nature reserves are situated in the park. The park offers about 300 km of hiking trails, often equipped with ladders, chains and bridges. The Slovak Paradise contains about 350 caves, but only the Dobšinská Ice Cave, which is since 2000 a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is open to the public.Some of the caves are really breathtaking. In my opinion is one of the best hiking place where i have been.

Muránska planina National Park is one of the youngest national parks in Slovakia. The core area measures 21,318 ha and the protective belt 21,698 ha. It includes 14 smaller protected territories. The headquarters are located in Revúca.

Slovakia offers rich opportunities for touring – from challenging hiking in the High Tatras mountains to a simple walk in the beautiful forest. You can choose from a wide range of options – High Tatras, Low Tatras, Roháče, Greater and Lesser Fatra, Slovak Paradise, Pieniny, etc.

Slovakia’s highest peak is the majestic Gerlachovský Peak (2655 m) in the High Tatras. Other attractive peaks in the High Tatras are the national symbol of Slovakia Kriváň or Lomnický peak. In the Low Tatras, hikers should not miss Ďumbier and Chopok peaks. In Lesser Fatra Rozsutce, in Greater Fatra Borišov, Ostredok or Krížna and so on.

Slovakia is a mountainous country and the hikers really have many opportunities to satisfy their needs. Practically, through the whole territory of Slovakia there is a trail called Cesta hrdinov SNP (The trail of the Slovak National Uprising heroes).

Which begins in the Dukla Pass, and leads to Bratislava. The most remarkable is probably the ridge from the Kráľova Hoľa in the Low Tatras through Čertovica, Ďumbier and Chopok, to Donovaly and then into the Great Fatra mountains to Krížna, Ostredok and then into Malá Fatra.

Another thing that Slovakia has a lot is the lovely castles all around the place. They belong with no doubt to the best places to visit in Slovakia. These historical monuments used to be seats of lords, kings and aristocrats. Despite witnessing many heroic battles and raids, many of the castles have survived intact. Here are few examples of the most beautiful Slovak castles you should definitely visit when you travel to Central Europe.

I didnt have much time to visit them but i went to Spis, Bojnice and Orava.

Spis covering about 41 thousand square meters it belongs to the biggest castles in Europe. Movies such as Dragonheart, The Lion in Winter or The Last Legion were shot right here. Due to its historical significance, Spiš Castle was inscribed in UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites.You can visit this castle during the UNESCO one-day trip from High Tatras.

The earliest mention of Bojnice castle dates from the 12th century. This castle was for many years owned by kings and aristocrats. The reconstruction in the 17th century brought the castle its romantic appearance. Now it is one of the most visited castles in Slovakia. This increasing popularity attracted many international filmmakers and a number of romantic, fairytale and fantasy films such as Fantagiro were shot right here. Under the ground is a large cave complex available for visitors during guided tours.

It’s surprising where the aristocrats from the Orava region decided to build the majestic Orava Castle. The highest part of the citadel is on a steep rocky limestone cliff 112 m above the Orava River. The first mention of Orava Castle can be found in the historical records in 1267 when it was declared as a royal property. Unfortunately, the castle complex was destroyed by a huge fire back in 1800. The largest reconstruction and restoration began after the WWII and nowadays the castle is one of the most visited attractions in Slovakia. Considering the value and specificity of the architecture, Orava Castle was named a site of national cultural heritage.

My Slovakia experience was great , i promise my self that ill go back again. This time i didnt have a much time to see everything but i saw several things 🙂 I catch the train to Prague in the evening left Bratislava with very good memories…

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