Skopje- The Macedonian capital that will impress you

Skopje is a capital city of Macedonia and the largest city in the country with population over 750 000 people which is the third of the total population in Macedonia. Located in North of the country not far from the border with Serbia , Skopje is a transport hub and financial center of the country. International airport is near to the city ( 25km) and has connection with many destinations.


History of Skopje goes back to at least 4000BC . Remains neolithic settlements have been found within the old Kale Fortress that overlooks the modern city of Skopje. Settlements appears to have been founded around then by the Paionians a people that inhabited the region. Skopje get under the Roman around 2000 years ago and after that Byzanty and Macedonian kingdom ( under Samoil) came. Before the otomans Skopje was under Serbs and 500 years under Otomans. After the Balkan wars Skopje was bring back under the Serbs and after the second war become part of Yugoslavia. From 1991 is capital of the independed country of Macedonia.

skopje old bazaar

What to see in Skopje

Skopje as a place that has lot of conquerers have many things to offer. Also recently was rebuild the center of the city to look again like many years ago in Baroque style. Many monumets can be seen in the city center . Museums are also are in the center of the city and can be visit every working say from 8am till 19:00 . Entrance cost 100-150 denars. On that side of the river Vardar is old bazaar. Its a part of the city where Otoman influence in archtecture and culture is huge so this place kinda remind on Istanbul 🙂 .

Not far from the center you can enjoy in nice hike on Mount Vodno. Mountain overlooking the city and you can go through the hiking trail up to the huge cross or you can use cable car to get there. On the top there is a restoraunt where you can enjoy in a nice food and amazing view on the city.

vodno skopje

Kale fortress is next to the old bazaar. Place from the Otoman time build to protect the city. Now ruins overlook the center of the city and offer some amazing view and nice location to do some great pictures.

In these area you can see some old church and many mousqes. And if you like to go around this places you are more than welcome to visit this places.

On 21 km from the city center is the canyon Matka. This is the place where you can enjoy in fantastic nature. Canyon has nice restoraunt to taste some traditional foods. Have great scenery and of course one of the deepest caves Vrelo . Matka is used as a weekend location for all people who live in Skopje. Tourists are advice to go there and see this beauty.

matka skopje

Accommodation in Skopje 

Skopje has lot of hostels, hotels and guesthouse. Prices goes from very low to high cause in recent years we have lot of luxury hotels chains so prices for them are high. But many of backpacking hostels are located in the center of the city and range of the price is between 8-15 euro. Mid range hotels cost from 30-60euro and expensive one from 80 to 200 euros.

How to get to Skopje

Skopje international airport is connect with many destination in the world . With wizz air Skopje can be reach for less as 50 e round trip from more than half of the european cities. Germany, Holland , Belgium and France has cheap connection with Skopje. From airport to the city there is public transport that will take you to the city for 2,5 euros way.


Food and night life

Many clubs in Skopje that offer great night life , prices are not high for a beer you pay 2 euros , wine a glass is 2 euros ( 200ml) bottle will cost you 20 euros ( 750ml). Strong drinks are also between 3-10 euros . People are super friendly and have culture for partying. Food is amazing and many great traditional dish can be taste. Prices going from 15 e per person up to 50 e per person .