September holidays- Where to go in September

August is slowly passing and we must think about where to go in September. Season in most of the world will end up in september but in some corners of this planet will just begin. Here on Myamazingtravel we made a list of places where we advice you to take your vacation if you havent done yet.

Paxos – Greece

One of the least commercial Greek Islands set in the Ionian sea. This island is truly beautiful, with scenery that makes it an artists paradise, its clear aquamarine sea and pebble beaches that have to be seen to be believed. The local people are so welcoming you feel at home straight away! This island has such a hold over people that I guarantee during your stay you will meet more fellow holidaymakers that have been returning for years than first time visitors. Paxos only 7 miles by 3 can easily be explored by foot, bike, car or boat. A perfect place to wind down nothing is done quickly here! Just a walk to the beach can seem to take forever by the time you sit and drink a frappe (iced coffee) in one of the seafront cafes, watch a local fisherman bring his catch in to sell or queue in the local bakery for your fresh bread baked in a wood oven, listening to the locals arguing (they are actually only talking but speak so loud and fast it seems they are) half the day has gone! This is the beauty of Paxos.september paxos

Malaga- Spain

Spain is always great place to be , Malaga is amazing in September. Not expensive as in summer but still fantastic weather and lot of sun. Many activities from eating in nice places a fresh fish or other local meals to having a good time in the night in some of the clubs. If you haven’t been for a while, you’ll be amazed at how it has been spruced up. Chic boutiques, gastronomes and cool cafés have sprung up alongside the traditional taverns in the winding lanes in the heart of the city, while the waterfront has been developed with a promenade, bars, restaurants and shops – new cultural centers include the superb Malaga Museum, the Russian Museum and the Pompidou Centre. Although there is plenty to see and do, Malaga is really a place to kick back and just enjoy the laidback Mediterranean vibe.


As a holiday destination, Morocco is growing in popularity – fast. It’s easy to see why. Morocco is a vibrant and diverse African country, boasting colorful landscapes, vast golden beaches and bustling cities; perfect for a September holiday.

Agadir is a favorite with tourists. Located at the foot of the Anti Atlas mountain range, Agadir has been rebuilt since an earthquake in 1960 and is now a thriving beach resort, with a busy port and numerous bars and restaurants. If you’re looking for sun, you’ll find it here. Agadir reportedly has 300 days of sunshine a year and the coast stretches out as far as the eye can see, and beyond – it’s six miles long.

For less of a beach holiday and more of a city break in September, head to Marrakech. You certainly won’t be bored. Medina, the old town, is a must-see. We’ve described it as a ‘rush of colorful markets, crumbling mosques, traditional cafes and splendid palaces’ and if that doesn’t whet your appetite for spending some time there, how about the amazing array of street food? You won’t taste a better tagine anywhere.

september morocco

Puerto Plata – Dominican Republic

While it’s still technically the rainy season in most of the Caribbean, Puerto Plata rarely sees much moisture in September. This beach area along the Dominican Republic’s northern coast will be quite warm all month but it won’t be unbearable, especially since you’ll be spending most of your time on or near the beach, or in your air conditioned hotel room.

This is low season in Puerto Plata so the room rates at the resorts can be shockingly low. The normal hotels offer good value but it’s really the all-inclusive resorts that offer deals that seem like mistakes when you look at the listings. If your main goal is just to relax in the sunshine and perhaps eat and drink all you want, Puerto Plata should be high on your list in September.

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Zanzibar- Tanzania

Zanzibar is the ultimate Indian Ocean experience, with its fascinating historical Stone Town and magnificent beaches.

Zanzibar’s Indian Ocean offers world class watersports including scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, waterskiing and sailing on traditional local dhows. You can find a Zanzibar dive site map here. September is the best month to enjoy in Zanzibar . Its not that much humid and no rains so the weather is really pleasant. Prices are low because is off season and beaches are less crowded so you can enjoy in this beauty on your own. If you been there once you will eager to do it again and again…

Surfing is getting more popular on the island. The Southeast Coast offers a variety of surf spots for different level surfers. Guaranteed uncrowded surf in crystal clear warm waters with a consistant waist high wave for beginners and shoulder to head high wave for advanced can be found on the island. The reefs are flat and beginner friendly in some sections and can be gnarly with sea urchins if you do not know the spots. Self exploring missions are not recommendable. For a good surf experience in Zanzibar a guide is essential. Aquaholics Zanziba.

On the North Western coast is beautiful. Here you can swim during low and high tide, which is not always possible on the East side of the island. Just beware of the “Sea Urchins” that give a powerful sting if stepped upon during low tide.

Kendwa offers lots of beach bars and restaurants serving everything from pizza to local curries.


Kendwa Beach is also known for the Full Moon Party, arranged Saturdays just before or after a full moon. While not as big or extreme as those arranged in Thailand, the parties on Zanzibar attract quite a large group of people, especially when the full moon coincides with public holidays in Europe and North America (eg Easter and Christmas).


Kendwa Village Tour is offered by a local NGO that runs Kendwa Community Tours & Saffaris (beach office located between Gold and Eden hotels). The tour is a unique cultural experience of 3 hours for 20$ if booked directly through the office.

The Beaches on the South East coast are popular among travellers. The sand is brilliant white, and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean are a deep teal. Here, you can:*



Fishing with local Dhow with and “jumping” out of coral reef like a local, the most exciting feeling must try in a life time.

Sit and stare at the water for hours on end.

Arrange for a ride on a local’s dhow (a carved, wooden boat).

Cooking course with local women .

Rent a bicycle and explore the village

september zanzibar

Tbilisi Georgia

Tbilisi means ‘warm’, which pretty much describes the clement conditions you’re likely to encounter in early autumn. The name also points to the city’s fifth century origins: legend has it that King Vakhtang the Wolf Head (so named because of his helmet) was out hunting in the forest when his falcon caught a pheasant, both birds falling into a hot sulphur spring and he decided to build a city around these warm waters. Tbilisi has endured centuries of invasions, with the Persians, Byzantines, Ottomans, Russians and Soviets all leaving a little of their souls. The result is a city of many faces, its features flashing from Moorish to Art Nouveau to utilitarian. Scrub up at one of the city’s dome-roofed baths, famed for their healing properties: the breathtakingly blue Orbeliani Baths are recommended. Take a walk around the remains of the fourth century Narikala Fortress, Tbilisi’s most ancient monument, often described as the city’s heart and soul. Visit Sioni Cathedral, originally built in the sixth century and rebuilt several times since, with pretty multi-hued walls and arched ceilings cut with rich swathes of gold stars on deep blue. Sioni is home to the cross of Saint Nino, often referred to as the patron saint of wine. Speaking of which, there’s no better place for a glass of plonk, this being the oldest wine-making nation in the world: locals discovered the art of wine making some 7,000 years ago. Go on a wine-bar crawl through Tbilisi’s old town and scoff sour sulguni cheese and flatbreads as you quaff.

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