Sarajevo – Point where Orient begin

Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the most wonderful places on the Balkan.  Known for the Winter Olympic games back in 1984 and of course for the mad war in 1994-95 , Since early time Sarajevo was a place where West and East fight , place where Christianity and Islam live next to eachother. Multicultural and amazing place .

I have been several times in Bosnia, always visiting Sarajevo, city that have fantastic food, wonderful helpful people and laid back old bazar that reminds me on Kapali in Istanbul. Let me guide you through the wonderful Sarajevo. Let me told my story that might made your mind to wish to go there.

How to Get in Sarajevo

First i will start with the ways how to get to and from Sarajevo. If you are already in the Balkan area you can use Train from Croatia to Sarajevo. No connection with Serbia with train. But if you are in Serbia or Montenegro you can use the bus which are very frequent .Trains from Croatia ( Zagreb is 35$) or max 45$.  Bus from Belgrade to Sarajevo is 12-21$. Sarajevo also have a connection with bus to Skopje Macedonia.

Sarajevo International Airport have several lines operating in and out. Many low budget companies like WizzAir, FlyPegasus , Fly Dubai fly from and to Sarajevo.

Unfortunately there is no direct connection with public transport with and to the airport. There is several connection nearby but than you need to walk or to Dobrinje and took a trolley or to Aerodromsko and took a bus.

Things to do in Sarajevo

Beside BasCarsija which is the old Bazar  there i many other interesting things to see or do there. First of all let me tell you straight away- Sarajevo is the food paradise 🙂 Where ever you go you will find fantastic food. But lets go one by one …


Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque

Mosque was build in the Ottoman time 1532 , one of the biggest mosque in the country and one of the most beautiful in the region. Mosque was damage during the civil war but was renovate right after war finish. Nowdays you can enjoy in fantastic decoration of the mosque, rich history and of course lovely court yard with little fountain in the middle. Located in Sarachi street in the old town of Sarajevo this is must see place.

Latin Bridge

One of the reason why first world war start was because of the killing of the Franz Ferdinand at the Latin Bridge in Sarajevo. For those who love to see where this historical event took place Latin Bridge is must 🙂  Bridge is also from the Ottoman time and is definitely oldest Ottoman bridge in the city that is rich with bridges.

Cholina Kapa Observatory

Located on the top of the mount Trebevice this old fortress in the seventies was turn into the observatory. Although build from Austro- Hungarians to have a look on the entire city back in the world war one , 1972 was the year when this outstanding place was turn into the observatory. Many people were enjoy in the fantastic view of the city and the night sky. In the war was destroyed and till today is not in function. Old Ruins witness about their glorious past.

Jewish Museum

Bosnia was a home especially Sarajevo on many jews. Since that time just few stay in the city and of course their Museum. If you ask me one of the thing that you must visit and learn more about the culture and of course to see the wonderful architecture. Jews arrive in the area in 1400s they were protect by the Ottomans and they pay back with great donations and support of the Sarajevo art and culture.


Many of the objects where games took place are ruin by the bloody crazy war in 1992-95 . They are turn into the art exhibition places now. Like the bobsleigh track that is full with grafities and nature took over the ruin place. Many of the places are on Jahorina mountain . Olympic stadion was bomb during the war but now is back on track and games are played there ( Grbavica). Igman Malo polje Ski Jumping hill is one of the places that you should visit as well. Ramp is still in good condition but no competitive jumping on in long time .

Food and Culture

As i said food in Sarajevo is outstanding . Kevapi and other meat based food is delicious for eating . For vegetarians like me there is also options. Although limited  but also great. Bosnians are friendly people who are always ready to chat and explain you about the city . To drink a tea, coffee Rakija or anything with you and chat a bit.


Many hotels and places where you can stay. They are relatively cheap and this will not be a problem for you if you decide to travel to Sarajevo.


They use Konvertabilna Marka… also they accept dollars and especially Euros.

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