Since the the ancient time this place was interesting for many kings and armies . Located in the heart of Europe , Romania is one of the fast growing tourist destinations in Europe. Romania is a central European country known for the forested region of Transylvania, preserved medieval towns such as Sighişoara and many fortified churches and castles, notably clifftop Bran Castle, long associated with the Dracula legend. The area is ringed by the Carpathian Mountains, which are popular for trekking, climbing, skiing and bathing in natural thermal spas.

Capital city Bucharest and some other cities like Sibiu, Cluj and Timisoara are connected with cheap flights with rest of Europe so getting into the country is easy and cheap.From mountain range on north to beach on the Black sea on South Romania offer you plenty of activities during your stay.

My trip start from the Bulgarian border , i cross the Danube river and get into the Romania, border check point is on the Bridge that separate two countries. From Guirgiu  to capital city Bucharest is less than hour drive around 63 km . When i arrive in Bucharest i went to the place where i was staying and thats the apartment of one of my friends. We check some of the worth to see places in Bucharest because there is plenty of things you can do it there.

Im a person that prefer nature more than anything else so i went to Herastrau Park . Herăstrău Park is a large park on the northern side of Bucharest, Romania, around Lake Herăstrău, one of the lakes formed by the Colentina River.Great place  for relaxing and layback time . If you are into the history thing Stravropoleos is place to go Stavropoleos Monastery, also known as Stavropoleos Church during the last century when the monastery was dissolved, is an Eastern Orthodox monastery for nuns in central Bucharest, Romania. Its church is built in Brâncovenesc style. Many other museums and galeries you can see around the city who is rich with historical point of interest.

From the capital of the country i decide to drive to the Black sea coast Constanta. Constanța, historically known as Tomis, is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Romania. It was founded around 600 BC. The city is located in the Dobruja region of Romania, on the Black Sea coast. This place is touristic place crowded with people in the summer. All of the resorts are located here. Its nice and not so expensive to spend your vacation if you ever decide to go to Black sea in Romania. Night life is busy in the summer not much during the off season so if you want to visit this place better do that in the summer.

After cruising on the black sea coast where you can also found some quite nice places i drive to North , my final destination was Transylvania area. Passing through central Romania also i decide to stop on hiking in the wild area of Carpathian Mountain close to Ukrainian border . The Carpathian Mountains form a 1,500km-long range in Central and Eastern Europe. Their constituent parts stretch west-east in an arc from the Czech Republic to Romania. The Tatra range between Slovakia and Poland is a national park and has several peaks above 2,400 meters. Resorts in Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania offer winter skiing. Summer activities include hiking, rafting, climbing and wildlife viewing. This untouched nature offer some great hiking trails and some amazing views. Have on mind that this is one of the most hostile places on the Earth . Lot of Brown bear around the forests so if you dont know the place go with someone local or follow the signs of the hiking trail.

In the central part of the countries there is lot of monastries and castles. One of the most famous is Bran Castle , Dracula castle near Rasnov city . Place is surrounded with amazing mystical forest

Transylvania was my final destination so get to Brasov and capital of the area Cluj. Old part of those cities are great and full with baroque  style fortress and amazing forest around the cities. Center of Sibiu city looks like every other city in Western europe, nice baroque buildings lot of museums keeping the city heritage and cool view on the Transylvania mountains around. If you are into the hiking and staying i the nature this place will be perfect for this.

Having on mind that even in the summer up in the mountains is chilly and you need a bit warm clothes. Dont go in the winter without proper equipment .

On my way out of the countries i pass through Deva old middevil city with nice lovely castle overlooking the city from the highest place . Every year in the summer you have a middivel festivals there , its interesting to see all this people in the customs  from that time.

Close to the serbian border on around 65 km is Timisoara. Big city capital on that area offering everything what big cities offer. Nice night life having on mind that  this is the college and university city.

At the end i would just say that this place is great people are friendly and offer a lot good time.

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