Rab , trip to Croatian most amazing island

Croatia have more than 1000 islands scattered all around the Adriatic sea. All of them have their unique beauty and is difficult to choose which one is best.For some reason i`ve been several times to Croatia but never been to Rab. Many people were telling me about Rab , how wonderful is and that i must visit next time when im in Croatia.

Sitting just off the northern coast, nestled in the Kvaner Bay, Rab is 22 km of tranquillity that forks out into the Adriatic sea. Its first taste of the limelight came when King Edward VIII took his new wife Wallis Simpson to the island in 1936. He soon cast off his regal garments and threw himself into the sea – so the story goes – setting the island’s nudist-friendly tradition off to a royal start.

Rab has an especially calm, rustic vibe – flanked by sheltering ridges, its stunning beaches are untouched by turbulent mountain winds, and the small but lively town is a ramshackle patchwork of terracotta roofs, cream walls and church towers that soar into the sky. Locals are proud of their unassuming homeland’s heritage, and each year the island is swept up into feverish party atmosphere as the summer festival spurs into action.

rab lopar beach

Getting to Rab


From the Stinica ferry dock on the mainland from where you can reach the Mišnjak dock on the south side of the island of Rab. A service runs here all year round, the trip takes 15 minutes, with departures every one or two hours out of season, and continually in the summer months, and this is the best connection between the island and the mainland (check time table or see web cam)

The ferry service from the port of Lopar on the north side of the island of Rab to the port of Valbiska on the island of Krk and back operates all year round, with departures twice a day, four times a day in the summer months. The journey takes one hour and 30 minutes. (see time table)

old town rab

A return catamaran service for passengers only runs from the port of Rijeka to the port of the town of Rab is maintained all year round, with departures once daily. The journey takes an hour and 45 minutes. (www.jadrolinija.hr).
From Rijeka, Karlovac or Zadar it is around two hours by car to the Stinica ferry dock on the mainland from where you can reach the Mišnjak dock on the south side of the island of Rab. A service runs here all year round, the trip takes 15 minutes, with departures every one or two hours out of season, and continually in the summer months, and this is the best connection between the island and the mainland (see www.rapska-plovidba.hr).

With its position in the northern Adriatic, the island of Rab is well connected and easily reachable by car from any part of Europe:
from Rijeka to Rab -> 120km
from Zagreb to Rab -> 220 km

rab history


If you are arriving by plane then you have a choice between two airports – Zadar and Rijeka. The distance from Rijeka airport, which is located on the island of Krk, to ferry port Jablanac is 93 kilometers, and the distance to the ferry port Valbiska on the island of Krk (ferry Valbiska-Lopar) is 26 kilometers.

If you come to the Rijeka airport, and your final destination is Rab, the best solution is to take a taxi to Valbiska ferry port on the island of Krk.

Zadar Airport is 132 kilometers from the ferry port Jablanac.

My trip to Rab

Just because many people will read and search for info from this text i decide to be bit more general on the beginning of this article. As a person that is based in Macedonia and thats not far at all from Croatia i decide to go all the way with my car.

Start my traveling from my little town in Macedonia, decide to drive through Serbia  to Zagreb and from there in direction of Stinica where we took a ferry to the island. Cost of the ferry per person is 1,6 euros, for kids 3-12 years is 0,5 euros.If you are with the car thats 9 euros, for bycicle is also 1,6 euros , moped or bike is around 3 euros and if you are with van longer than 5 m is 14,5 euros. Off season is from 5-30 am till midnight the ferry is almost on every half an hour. In the season is even few hours after midnight.

This over 1000km from my place to Rab was wonderful , really nice nature we cross and have some beautiful stops. Croatia definitely have one of the most beautiful coast in Europe.Once you arrive in Misnjak you can feel the island spirit and culture.

sea walk  rab

People are very friendly and traquile here , less stressed and more happy i would say. You can notice that from the first contact with locals. We have our friend waiting for us already there. We been hosted in her house, in fact her parents weekend holiday house. Next to the sea so you can overlooked the lovely Adriatic sea from the yard. I will gave you everything to live there 🙂

We arrive late afternoon so we unpack quickly and went to the beach. Suha Punta near Kampor is among the most beautiful parts of the island. Covered in a lush forest, this peninsula with beautiful pebble stone and rocky beaches is ideal for bikers who can ride in the shade all the way to the beach.
For those of you interested in comfort, there are lawns for sunbathing, deck chair and parasol rentals, cocktail bars, cafes, restaurants, tennis courts, beach volleyball and clean and tidy restrooms. Parking space is available next to the hotel.

There was the most wonderful sunset i ever have. We truly enjoy in our first day. We finish the day having some dinner in some of the local restaurants, place was nice and very friendly stuffs name of this place was Euphemia. After we have some nice Croatian wine from the Rab island and some sea food prepare on the Rab way we hit the road back to home. Preparing for some tour next day.

We made some tour around the island. This place was invaded by many. Start with the Romans  so all of them left their mark . Cities have some nice architecture and is great just to wonder around them. Many picturesque cathedrals and lovely monuments witnessing for the Rab rich history. Second day we finish in Komrcar park. Nice place for littke hike in the nature and for lovely relaxation in the forest.

rab beach suha

The last two days of our stay there decide to visit as much as possible beaches ( over 30ti on Rab) and enjoy in the lovely Adriatic sea.So we first went to Pudarica beach .

If you would rather enjoy a spectacular view of the Old Town and an even more spectacular sunset, you should go to the south part of the island, next to Barbat. Pudarica beach is all fine sand and clear sea and you can only get there by a car or by a boat. If you stay on the beach long after sunset you will witness the most famous Beach Clubs in Croatia – Santos.

Parking is free, there are sanitary facilities, as well as a cafe and a bistro on the beach. If you like, you can explore nearby hidden beaches and coves on foot too.

After we have a lunch we head to Lopar beach another one on our agenda. Lopar very often is labeled as a paradise beach, and is truly paradise.12 km from the city of Rab this amazing beach with view on some of the near island like Goli Otok is one of the most visited in Rab. Of course this is just because is one of the most beautiful on the Rab island.

We also visit some little not so known beaches that our host show us. My advice is that you should explore around the Rab island to find your perfect spot. For those who love bit adventure i would say nude beaches are good option too.Kandarola – Frkanj is one of them.

Accommodation Rab

As a touristic place Rab is fantastic and very easy to get a accommodation. Lot of resorts , hotels , private villas hostels that offer accommodation. Also would be nice if you take your tend and camp somewhere . Depend what your budget is you should search  and find something that will fit your needs.