Trip to Prishtina- visiting the youngest country capital

Pass a such long time since last time i was on Kosovo. First time was mainly transiting and stay few hours in the nature . I was back than on my way to Montenegro. This time was different i decide to meet a friend there and see Prishtina.

Was a sunny Sunday, since the early morning day was outstanding and everything was pointing to an amazing afternoon spend in Prishtina. I arrive in Skopje from my city around 8 :30 am. Went to get my ticket (roundtrip cost 8 euros) and sit to wait for the bus that was scheduled for 10 am.

Soon as time come minibus that was taking us showed on the spot. We enter and sit ready to take off on this 2 hours journey. Distance between Skopje and Prishtina is around 90km.

We start on time, i was reading my newspaper and from time time looking through the window to see the nature on the road. Having on mind that we pass through the mountains landscape in amazing on the whole road.

First thing that kinda surprise me was really fast passing of the border. For me as a Macedonian i was able to go with my ID. Driver was asking us to write our names onĀ  and of course the ID or Passport Number. That list was handed to the border control. Routine i guess..

On the Kosovo side from the border to Prishtina lot of works on the road and on the infrastructure. As my host said they prepare the roads for the future.After 2 hours i finally arrive at the bus station in Prishtina- my final destination.

Bus station was not so impressive – ordinary one not much change since the last time i pass there . Went to a caffe, order coffee till my friend come . Prices are reasonable not different than Skopje.

My friend pick me up, we went to the center and notice that city of Prishtina is growing in any form and term . Lot of foreigners around so often you hear English on the streets. Locals on the other hand speak English well. First we went to a small place outside the busy pedestrian street. Food was really nice and place was really nice… you have a feeling like you eating in your own yard

Prishtina panoramic

After that we walk a bit on the pedestrian main street , lot of people lot of noise but still lovely place to be. People enjoy in the near by bars, kids running around and enjoy in their careless game. Several monuments stair on us from the side. One of them- Mother Teresa monument and of course famous NEW BORN sign.

Prishtina center

Walking like that i notice a wonderful angles to make some pictures to be complete this article. After short walk we end up in nice cozy artistic place. Drinking a domestic draft beer and talking a lot . We as the others enjoy in the wonderful music and the atmosphere.

At the end of my visitĀ  we went to the cathedral of Mother Teresa in the center we went up to make some really nice panoramic pictures of Prishtina. You can see from that perspective that city is growing big time .From there we have a nice view on the university complex build in the 60-70s in some very futuristic way. With domes. Entrance for going up is only one euro. Entrance for the ground floor is free.

At the end i promise my self that next time ill explore more and spend bit more time. Prishtina day tour was nice and enjoyable but this city has many other things to offer.

Catch the same bus back for same 2 hour journey to Skopje. With lot of nice memories and some nice pictures.

Prishtina university