Prague Castle- pearl of Prague

I was in Prague 25 years ago as a kid to visit my father. He was working there for a company. I was too young, to remember my first time when i visit Prague Castle. Overlooking the city centuries and centuries this outstanding structure amaze with the beauty and size.

This year i decide to go to Prague again. Nice memories come to me from the time when i was there. Arrive on the central bus station , found a hostel near by to left my bags and straight away i went to explore the city. Main was to see the Prague Castle.

prague castle

When arrive in Prague was almost evening. Decide to stay in a hostel and other day to go to the Prague Castle. Walking around the center was pleasant and nice. Many tourist rushing to see most of this lovely city. After half and hour a walk through the center i get to amazing Charles Bridge. From there was able to see this amazing castle how is standing on the top of the hill and overlooking the city.

prague castle


Picture above was the first thing i saw when i arrive there. Entrance of the castle. After i get inside was amaze from the beauty of Prague castle. Numbers said is the biggest castle complex in Europe with 70 000m2 and was build for a long time. Start around 880 finish 1920. Many Kings that live there left their mark . One of the most grandiose structure in the complex is St Vitus cathedral. Build more than 5 centuries this amazing cathedral is i would say landmark of the Prague castle.

prague castle

From 1918 this castle complex is home of the President of Czech Republic. In the 1939 even nazi leaders where based there after they occupy Czech Republic. The story goes around says that on of the Nazi leaders put the Bohemian Crown on his head and that trigger curse.That is on that crown if someone else put it on to die in one year. Now day castle is a home of the Czech Republic president and his family.Walking down the narrow street behind the St.Vitus i get to another church St ¬†George Basilica. In the complex there is 2 more church All Saints church and Holly Cross chapel . Beside this in Prague Castle complex you can see 4 Palaces, Old Palace, New Palace, Summer Palace and Lobkovicky palace. All of them look amazing .Inside the buildings you can enjoy in many art exhibitions ¬†with artefact’s from the Prague castle history.


prague  castle

View from the Prague castle is amazing, especially if you get there for the sunset . Place is magical and i left that day with promise that ill come back again.