Pets traveling – Best way to transport your pet

pets travel pets travel

Many of us travelers have pets. Dogs or cats or anything else, time when split with your pet come is hardest . Therefor many people decide to take their pets on the way. As a living beings pets have their needs and we need to take care on the right way. I made a list of best way to travel with your pet from the start to end. Way of traveling that will made your vacation wit your pets pleasant.

Preparing the pets for the trip

First of all you need to mentally , physically and technically to prepare your pets for traveling. This mean you need to find the best way how to transport your pet. Need to make sure you have all food and water and all other thing needed during the trip. You need to find proper basket or something else to put your pets in.

Ways of traveling

Depend what transportation you will choose and what kind of pet you have ways of transports are different. Now days many airliners have PetSafe programs that offer the safest way of transporting for your pets. If you travel with bus, car or train there is other policies and they usually depend from the company. If pet are put in the separate section in the train or bus or plane they have all things that they need for the trip. Over land transport is not that difficult for your pets but planes can be a bit stressful for them.

Of course there is a way to take care about them and prepare them for the flights.


Travel arrangements

  • Be sure to arrange vaccinations, travel documents and other important matters well in advance. Contact the local embassy of your destination country for precise requirements. Remember that some countries have strict quarantine regulations.
  • Secure a label to the side of the kennel stating the animal’s name and feeding instructions.
  • Allow five days for your pet to get used to its kennel before the flight.
  • Do not allow your pet to drink for 2 hours before departure.
  • Do not feed your pet for 2 hours before departure.
  • We strongly advise you not to tranquillize your pet. It will take longer to get accustomed to its new surroundings and its temperature may drop during the flight.

Smaller pets (cats and small dogs ) have a right to go with you in the cabin. But still you need them to prepare them as well as quarantine pets that not travel with you. Only advantage for those who coming with you in the cabin will be that they can walk a bit more inside of course under your control.

Do not forget to check on Internet or ask you veterinarian what kind of vaccine and  food is needed for your pets trip.