Bucket List, my personal choice- Part 1

We all have some favorite place to visit. Our  bucket list is full with all kind of places that we want to be and we didnt have a chance before. This is my personal list of places where i would LOVEEEEE to go. They are so many place to explore but ill separate them in several articles 🙂

Bucket list number 5 Bali- Indonesia

Bali is one of my desire to go. Long time i am thinking to go there and preparing my self for this trip. Indonesia doesnt require visa for Macedonian citizens so i can easy reach the place. Flights from this area are not so expensive. Of course no direct fly but from Sofia, Athens or Istanbul can be possible. Plus good connection of Skopje with some of European cities allow us to get there without too much costs.


Simple because of the fantastic weather and because of the beaches and culture.

bucket list-bali

Bucket List number 4- Peru

Im fascinated with ancient civilizations and especially with Inca civilization. Machu Picchu, Nasca lines and Cusco are well known and quite touristic. What is interesting to me is the way how they where constructed and the whole energy around the place. From technical point of view Peru don’t require visa for me as well. Flights are bit more problem cause is bit more difficult to reach this place.


Simple reason….. Inca`s 🙂

bucket list-peru

Bucket list number 3-Iceland

Iceland is one of the most mystic and wonderful places on Earth. Have everything from glaciers to hot springs… from urban life to Northern light. Iceland have a huge collection of volcanoes and one of the most breathtaking waterfalls. Iceland also not require visa for me and also is very cheap to flight there tho not with a direct flight but via some of the cheap flight destination that Skopje is already connect.


Amazing landscape and fascinating waterfalls…. viking stories and amazing culture of Icelandic people .

bucket list- iceland

Bucket list number 2- Brazil

Brazil is synonym for a wonderful girls and amazing beaches 🙂 This vast country offer plenty of things to see from beaches to caves… from urban cities to fascinating rainforest. Home of Amazon and home of some of the biggest waterfalls in the world, Iguazu falls. Great thing for me is no visa and relatively cheap connection with this part of the world so i can get there and back in 500 euros which is not so bad 🙂 Brazil as a southern hemisphere country has opposite seasons than here in Europe. So i guess best time to visit Brazil would be around March when is automn there and is not so hot but still great for swimming and less touristic 🙂


Weather of course … and huge amount of things that you can enjoy and see

bucket list-brazil

Bucket List number 1- Easter Island

This remote island is one of the most fascinating island in the Pacific. So rich with ancient structures ( bug statues all over the place) is very interesting for me. For me is MUST see thing , one for the way how the build it, second for the energy.  Easter islands are one of the most mystical places on the earth … looks like they are not belong to this universe. Because they are part of Chile that mean no visa for me . Location is a bit problem and is bit more difficult to reach it but on the other hand that make me even more determent to visit… BIGGER CHALLENGE 🙂 an adventure that will be remembered all my life…

bucket list- easter