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Eindhoven – Place where my amazing journey begun

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It was a first time for me to visit Eindhoven and Netherlands so I was a bit in anticipation what will looks like. In 2013 I was visiting Belgium and kinda expect similar to be here. After I booked my flight with Wizzair from Skopje to Eindhoven I was ready to experience Netherlands for a first time. Check few things…

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Most Exotic places in the World- aerial videos

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Imagine you sitting in a  exotic bar in the middle of ocean. Drinking some  cocktail and enjoying in some nice music. There is so many ways to enjoy in a good drink in some bar. From all corners of the world we bring you the list of the most exotic places in the world. We search around the net to…


Soca – meet the Slovenia most amazing part

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Soca is a river located in north west of Slovenia and is one of the most amazing area in Slovenia. Soca is part of the Triglav National park. The river is one of the cleanest in Europe and is home of some amazing landscapes. The River Soca, which has a distinct emerald green colour, is considered to be one of the…

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5 MUST see Islands before YOU die

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We all have some favorite places to go. I am a big lover of islands especially tropic ones so i made a list of 5 islands that you MUST see. 5.  Ambergris Caye – Belize Belize and his islands are one of the MUST see things . Among them one is especially interesting to visit .Ambergris Caye, Belize’s largest island,…

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Drone photos- 10 most amazing Drone Photos

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Drone photography now is very popular and widely use by the travelers and bloggers.We all love to see some of those amazing pictures from all around the globe. No matter is it beach or urban place, mountain or desert pictures made by this new technology  are outstanding. Since the first photos till now aerial photography gain more and more popularity….

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Athens like you never seen before- 5 underrated places to go in Athens

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Greek capital and city with huge history and tradition Athens attract millions of tourists per year.Many articles are written for this amazing city but this is mine suggestion what to do and see in Athens during your visit. I will not talk about Acropolis or Syntagma square or any other popular touristic place that we all know. 1.Spend a day…

Beach reads – What and Do you read on Beach

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Me and many other people love to read when they are on the Beach. Somehow beach reads relax us and make our time on beach more pleasant. I made a list of 7 suggestion beach reads  book to read while you on the beach. The book, and even the simple act of reading, sometimes seems under threat of extinction. After a study…

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Castles Hotels- Best castle where you can stay

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Have you ever dream to stay in  A castle at least for one day ? To be like a king or queen ? There is a many castles around the globe that open their doors for public . Many of them were turn into the hotels. We made a list of 5 Castle Hotels where you can stay and make…

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December Places to Go-End of the year bucketlist

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November is almost gone and winter on Northern Hemisphere is almost here. During the night drop around 0. We all start thinking about going to to warmer places on the South Hemisphere where summer is almost there. Made a list of places that are on my bucket list for December. Thailand December season Thailand as a all year round destination…