Summer Hike- Best summer hiking trails

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Hiking in summer and winter is not the same. Also hiking in tropical area and mountains is not the same.For me personally hiking in the mountains is summer is the best option. Giving you some fantastic views and less hot when you hike. I made a list of three best summer hiking trail. Lets start our journey. TOUR DU MONT…

transylvania peles castle

Transylvania castles- Most beautiful castles in Romania

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Not everyone knows that Romania and Transylvania in particular have so beautiful castles waiting for you to visit them and enjoy. One we all know is Dracula Castle in Bran. But there is so many lovely castles in amazing area called Transylvania. Transylvania is mountainous region in  central Romania. region rich with history and tradition , nature and beauty. This…

solo travel new zealand

Solo Travel- Best destination to travel alone

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There is a difference between traveling alone and traveling with someone or with group. Many of destinations that are solo travel friendly are also good for groups . We focus on list of solo travel destinations for those who love to move around alone. Lombok and the Gili Islands, Indonesia Picture three minuscule desert islands, fringed by white-sand beaches and…


Way of Travel-Cheapest way to travel Around

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Since im traveling i am doing on different way. Low costs flights, couchsurfing , woofing etc. I will explain about all this ways what is good and of course what is bad. Every way has advantages and disadvantages. But all this ways will save you some money and of course help you to travel longer for less. Couchsurfing,Bewelcome,Warmshower etc- Free…


Beaches that looks like out of this world- MUST VISIT

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We all love to go on beaches, to enjoy on the sun and swim. But what if this beach have something else to offer ? More wonderful and breathtaking? Many of us know about phenomena called Northern Light on the sky but not many of us know or experience glowing beach. I made a list from top 5 best glowing…


Kyrgyzstan- Central Asian country rich with culture and beauty

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Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country located in central asia. Once part of the USSR and since 90`s independent and country that progress really good on every field. My decision to travel to this little country was made years ago when i was traveling to Asia. Made a research around the Internet and i really liked. I was waiting a bit…

kotor view

Kotor- Magnificent bay , fantastic scenery and amazing history

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Kotor is one of the oldest cities in Montenegro located in the Kotor bay on the Adriatic sea coast somewhere between Herceg Novi and Budva. Is a fortified city rich with history . Kotor is also known for the breathtaking scenery and fantastic view on the bay from the Lovcen mountain. It was one of my best trips and i…

kivu rwanda

Rwanda- Country with outstanding beauty and culture

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Rwanda is the country that constantly pick up the attention from the world. Back in the 90s was a place where lot of  bad things happened during the civil war. Now days this amazing country attract lot of tourist to show off their beauty .Rwanda is a landlocked East African country with a green, mountainous landscape. Its renowned Volcanoes National…

pets travel

Pets traveling – Best way to transport your pet

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Many of us travelers have pets. Dogs or cats or anything else, time when split with your pet come is hardest . Therefor many people decide to take their pets on the way. As a living beings pets have their needs and we need to take care on the right way. I made a list of best way to travel…

grenada anse

Grenada- Beauty of the Caribbean Sea

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Grenada is one of the Caribbean Sea islands but is less popular travel destination than some others in that area. Planning my Caribbean travel i could`n resist to not visit this lovely place Grenada. Although if you travel from Europe is not cheap at all but if you are already there than is a different story . Grenada is famous…