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Early spring sun destinations in – Where to Travel in March

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We are almost in the middle of the March. Month that  connect end of the winter and start of the spring. We made a list of 9 best destination to travel in March. Destination that will have all you need, good weather, easy and cheap to get there and lot of fun. Europe and most of the world  is wonderful…

Tara mountain

Tara National Park – visiting the untouched nature in Serbia

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The Tara National park, Serbia, covers 19.175 ha at the highest part of the mountain Tara, and is located in the municipality of Bajina Bašta and Užice in western Serbia.It borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina, bounded by Drina. Despite today’s presence of man and his/it’s impact on ecosystems, Tara has maintained its outstanding natural values, which is why it is declared a national park. The mountain Tara belongs…

Jerusalem church

Jerusalem the spiritual center of the planet Earth

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When you mention Jerusalem all we think about is the spiritual meaning of this city. City that have so many religious spots from all religions that make Jerusalem spiritual center of the whole World. During my stay in Israel i was going to Jerusalem for many times. I was living in Tel Aviv in the period of December 2014 till…

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5 things to do in St Gallen Switzerland

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First when i got to this amazing Alps country i knew that is rich with beauty but haven’t clue what St Gallen have to offer. Located near the Bordensee lake literally across the Friedrichshafen in Germany. My St Gallen visit was part of a tour around that part of Europe . Got a bus from Germany to St Gallen and…

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Best Sunset in the World- Timelapse Videos inside

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This is Top 7 best sunset timelapse videos  that we come across on Youtube. Enjoy in our compilation 1.Gibraltar Timelapse video Gibraltar is less known as a touristic destination but is attracting lot of people to visit this place because is the nearest and best way to cross by land literally from Europe to Africa. Also is magnificent place to…

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Albania- Underrated destination that you MUST see

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For most of the people when you mention Albania as a vacation spot they will look at you as you are crazy . Many people don`t know much about this country located on the Balkan Peninsula. But this is land of fantastic mountains and very beautiful cost line. Another thing that goes in Albania favor is cheap prices of everything.Accommodation…

Bologna- Picturesque student city rich with art and culture

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This picturesque town in Northern Italy is a popular choice to study abroad for many American students, and the kids are definitely on to something. The birthplace of The University of Bologna, one of Europe’s oldest institution of education, the collegiate hub charms with its down-to-earth atmosphere and relatively affordable living standards.Bologna is the lively, historic capital of the Emilia-Romagna…

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Lesotho- High altitude kingdom in heart of South Africa

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2010 i went to South Africa and slowly get used on the new country and new way of living. As a hiking person and person that love mountains i was planing to visit small kingdom Lesotho since the first day that i arrive in Africa. Lesotho is a small kingdom located in the heart of South Africa and rich with…

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Orava Castle – Most fascinating castle in Slovakia

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Slovakia is a small country rich with nature beauty. As a travel destination located in central Europe is not so popular but many nature lovers and castles lovers comes often to Slovakia.In one of my trips to Slovakia i decide to visit the picturesque county of Orava. River Orava that pass through this area contribute to some really majestic views….