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Albania- Underrated destination that you MUST see

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For most of the people when you mention Albania as a vacation spot they will look at you as you are crazy . Many people don`t know much about this country located on the Balkan Peninsula. But this is land of fantastic mountains and very beautiful cost line. Another thing that goes in Albania favor is cheap prices of everything.Accommodation…

Bologna- Picturesque student city rich with art and culture

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This picturesque town in Northern Italy is a popular choice to study abroad for many American students, and the kids are definitely on to something. The birthplace of The University of Bologna, one of Europe’s oldest institution of education, the collegiate hub charms with its down-to-earth atmosphere and relatively affordable living standards.Bologna is the lively, historic capital of the Emilia-Romagna…

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Lesotho- High altitude kingdom in heart of South Africa

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2010 i went to South Africa and slowly get used on the new country and new way of living. As a hiking person and person that love mountains i was planing to visit small kingdom Lesotho since the first day that i arrive in Africa. Lesotho is a small kingdom located in the heart of South Africa and rich with…

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Orava Castle – Most fascinating castle in Slovakia

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Slovakia is a small country rich with nature beauty. As a travel destination located in central Europe is not so popular but many nature lovers and castles lovers comes often to Slovakia.In one of my trips to Slovakia i decide to visit the picturesque county of Orava. River Orava that pass through this area contribute to some really majestic views….

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ISG Airport Hotel – Sabiha Airport Istanbul

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I have been to many places and all kind of Hotels. Some of them were 3 star, some of them 4, some even 5 star. But definitely one of the best place i have been in was ISG Airport Hotel near Sabiha Gokcen airport in Istanbul. This article is my review of the 3 days ( weekend) that i spend…

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Rafting Adventures- Top 5 Rafting locations

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Rafting as a activity is one of the most amazing adrenaline rush rides. There is so many of them around the globe and was really dificult to make a list from what we consider as a best in the world.This is our Top 5 rafting location in the world. 1.Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers, Alaska/Canada Glaciers and icebergs are among the…

A story for one true Globetrotter and Traveler

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This blog is about traveling, all kind of travel tips , stories and information. In moments when i was strike by the news of losing a great friend and i would say brother. In those moments i feel urge to write a diferent type of article, tribute to a friend, traveler, brother and adventures Story for a person that was…

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Ten adventures for 2018

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Want to know where to go for adventures travel in 2018? Climbing Everest is so last year (and pretty difficult, too). We’ve put together a list of perfectly do-able adventures for 2018, whether you’re a die-hard thrill-seeker or the kind of traveller who loves seeking out the world’s most remote places. 1. Try river cruising Millions of people sign up…

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Sofia the Bulgarian Capital and Cultural center

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Sofia is the biggest city in Bulgaria and center of everything. Its city where government have their base and is also cultural educational and trade center. One of the biggest University in Eastern Europe is based in Sofia. As a person who is based in Macedonia i been visiting Sofia many times.This is my view how to get , what…