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Island exploring-Most Beautiful islands of Malaysia

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Malaysia is an country with many islands. All of them have their own beauty and reason why to visit. Because this article is not long enough to sum all beauties of Malaysia i decide to make list of 5 most beautiful island in Malaysia worth to visit and spend some time around. Pulau Pangkor Pulau Pangkor, meaning “beautiful island,” provides…

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Sarajevo – Point where Orient begin

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Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the most wonderful places on the Balkan.  Known for the Winter Olympic games back in 1984 and of course for the mad war in 1994-95 , Since early time Sarajevo was a place where West and East fight , place where Christianity and Islam live next to eachother….

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Best Party Islands in the World

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Ibiza, Mykonos , Zrce , are just some of the islands where party and night life is the main thing to do. I made a list of some of the most amazing party places in the world. Place where you can have fun from sunrise to sunset. Lets see which ones are the best party locations and why you should…


Durban- The warmest place to be in South African winter

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Before the World Cup in Football start in 2010 i have booked flight ticket from Athens to Durban via Dubai. Week before they close the old International Airport and we arrive on King Shaka International Airport in Durban. First impression was that im coming in place where i dont know what to expect but somehow i start loving the place….


Sikkim India- State with wonderful scenery

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India is place where you can enjoy in many wonderful places. Every each state has it own beauty. I was personally fascinate with state of Sikkim and thats why i decide to write this article with few tips what you can see and do there. Sikkim is a state in northeast India, bordered by Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal. Part of…

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Secret Beach-Top 6 most hidden beach in the World

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If you are like me and you dont want to be around to crowded beaches than you will search for hidden ones. I made a list of 6 most fascinating secret beach in the world. Hope you will like the list and wish you to visit as much as possible from those beaches. Lets start with the journey. Muriwai Secret…

Tel Aviv place where modern and ancient meet

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I wrote a text about Israel few months ago. That was more or less general guide around Israel . I have been so many times in Israel that was difficult for me to put all my experience into one article. Most of mine time i spend in Tel Aviv, place where old and new meet. Place where you can enjoy…

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Discover Malmo – Best 5 restaurants in Malmo

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When you traveling the most important thing is to have a nice time and to enjoy. Enjoying without good food would not be complete therefor is crucial to know some good dining places before you go. Although you can inform your self on the spot from the locals. Malmo is one of my favorite cities in Europe , i`ve been…

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Denmark- Land of wonderful culture and nice scenery

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When a friend ask me about what i like about Denmark i said 3 things- Lovely scenery , super clean country and fantastic beer . But there is plenty other things to see and do. One of the most famous writer Hans Christian Andersen is born in Denmark. This article is not enough long to explain all things what you…