danube river cruise

River Cruising- Top 5 river cruise

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River cruising is more and more popular around the world. More people decide to take this river cruise ships and to explore the world rivers. When you compare the long transatlantic or Caribbean cruise and river cruise people choose river cause is shorter and of course different than sea experience. We made a list of Top 5 river cruising routes…

kenai fjord

Fjords around the globe- top 5 iconic Fjords

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One of the most amazing thing i will recommend to all of you is to visit some of the fjords. Nature make such a wonderful shapes and look so surreal. First time i saw this beauty when i was in Norway. Many beautiful fjords there. But Norway its not the only places with fjords, i made a list of 5…

Traveling and live as a local in foreign country

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When we traveling to another place or country we should learn something about the local culture.To safe some money on you trip you should know places where locals goes. You must know the way how locals functions. I`ve been traveling a lot around and always search for the best way to enjoy in my trips. Since the day one in…


Clubbing on Malta – Best five clubs on Malta

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Malta as a summer destination is full with young people from all over the world. Local people also love to go out and enjoy. Clubbing is very good and offer wide list of things you can do it. From boat parties to club parties, from house clubs to jazz lounge clubs. Paceville is the area where all of them are…

airports lounge

Airports paradise – best airport lounges in Europe

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Traveling around now is mainly by airplanes. Airports are more and more full with tourists and people that travel around.Therefore having a comfort during the long hours spend waiting for your flight is really important. From personal experience and from some other people experience we made a list of best airport lounges in Europe. This list was made in  collaboration…

predjama castle

Predjama castle Slovenia – Stone beauty build up in the rocks

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Slovenia as a  country has many beauties to show . Wonderful mountains, clear rivers and many castles. One of them is Predjama castle, for me one of the most beautiful castles in Europe and in the world. Predjama castle is located in south central part of Slovenia near the village Predjama and near to the famous touristic attraction Postojna Cave….

Life of the traveler- inside the digital nomad routine

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Life of the traveler sound great for those who not travel a lot. Life of the traveler for the traveler it self is not always great. There is a lovely things that you can experience but also has a problem that life on the road can bring it. Me personally have travel in last 9 years of course with some…

blue grotto

Blue Grotto Caves -Trip to Blue cave in Malta

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Blue Grotto is a system of caves inside the sea. Located in the south of Malta island is location that offer a lot. Cliffs are amazing so they form outstanding landscape.After many talking about Blue Grotto i decide to go there and check. How to get to Blue Grotto Im based in Sliema and from here there i no direct…

Ancient route and coastal walk from your dreams- Lycian Way /Turkey

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Lycian way is 509 km long footpath in Turkey located in southern part of the country.The idea for walking on this long path come after i saw several pictures from this trail. Lycia is the historical name of the Tekke Peninsula, which juts into the Mediterranean on Turkey’s southern coast. The mountains rise steeply from the rocky coast, giving beautiful views…