Beach reads – What and Do you read on Beach

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Me and many other people love to read when they are on the Beach. Somehow beach reads relax us and make our time on beach more pleasant. I made a list of 7 suggestion beach reads  book to read while you on the beach. The book, and even the simple act of reading, sometimes seems under threat of extinction. After a study…

hotel castle

Castles Hotels- Best castle where you can stay

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Have you ever dream to stay in  A castle at least for one day ? To be like a king or queen ? There is a many castles around the globe that open their doors for public . Many of them were turn into the hotels. We made a list of 5 Castle Hotels where you can stay and make…

kerala december

December Places to Go-End of the year bucketlist

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November is almost gone and winter on Northern Hemisphere is almost here. During the night drop around 0. We all start thinking about going to to warmer places on the South Hemisphere where summer is almost there. Made a list of places that are on my bucket list for December. Thailand December season Thailand as a all year round destination…

Inside Walk About Love – hiking National Trail of Israel

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As a hiking fan and person that love to hike i was very eager to try Israel National Hiking Trail. On this trail there is one event occurring every year – Walk About Love. First time when i hear about this in 2009 when i was in Israel.  Some of my friends told me about this event after i mention…


Elafonisi Beach – Out of this world beach on Crete Island

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We all know how beautiful Greek islands are. Santorini, Mykonos, Zakynthos. Crete island is also known as one of the most wonderful island in Greece. Rich with history and ancient monuments and temples Crete have something else to offer- Elafonisi beach. My sister lives in Crete almost 12 years with her husband in small village called Kondura. This little peaceful…

hawaii thanksgiving

Thanksgiving traveling plans- 5 places where to go

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Thanksgiving is mainly holiday when people gather in a family circle. Most of the people decide to stay at home with their family but in last few years more and more is popular for people to travel and gather somewhere for Thanksgiving. Tho as a Macedonian we don`t have such a thing but im pretty familiar with this tradition from…

caves in china

Fascinating Caves- 6 most Amazing Caves

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As a kid i was always going to the caves near my city. Not far from my house in Veles Macedonia were several small caves. But since than i was soooo Fascinating with the caves. Where ever i go i must visit some caves. There is different type but all of them are so beautiful and great for adventures people…

Chateau De Tourbillon

Chateau De Tourbillion castle- beauty of Switzerland

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Late September we are on our way to Geneva. On our way we pass next to Sion and we decide to make a break at one of the most beautiful castles in Switzerland– Chateau De Tourbillion . First went to eat something in Sion cause we were so hungry from the long way ( driving from Milano via Como to…

accommodation malta

Accommodation experience- Staying in Hotels vs Staying with locals

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One of the most important things in every travel plan is accommodation . Sometime even price of the accommodation is bigger than the flight ticket and also sometime is not o easy to find proper available accommodation.But what i really want to write about in this article is what you lovely people and travelers from around the globe prefer- Hotel…

Vienna- My short weekend trip to Austria

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Was a long time since i have been to Austria. Last time was also short visit like this one but this time i spend more time in Vienna and little bit in the countryside , Linz and some villages around to experience the real Austria. I was in Slovenia traveling around this little lovely country so coming to neighboring Austria…