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scuba diving canada

Scuba diving on dream location- Top 5 scuba diving places

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Scuba diving is wonderful thing. Since early age we tend to explore around . Different places offer different experience. I made little research and make a list of best places in the world for scuba diving. If you were given one week to dive and could choose any scuba diving sites in the world with which to fill your logbook,…

melbourne street art

Street Art- 5 most artistic cities to go

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Different type of people and tourists enjoy in different type of things when they travel. Someone love architecture , some nature , some beaches, someone nightlife … But plenty people want to see interesting street art.  Around the globe we have many interesting arts. Many fascinating graphities or some out of this world structures. Today i decide to make a…

sunset majorca

Best places for watching sunset on the Mediterranean sea

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Sunsets are magical moments that occur everyday. Every place has own magical sunset. It is different if the sunset is in the mountains or sea. My favorite sunsets are those who occur on the sea. Mediterranean sea is on of the most beautiful sea in the world. I made a list of 6 best places to watch sunset on the…

guesthouse zurich

Im Sonnenbühl guesthouse – Zurich

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I was there in 2012 from January till March. Found the guesthouse through WOOFING and contact the owner to volunteer there. Guesthouse is located in the idyllic Üetliberg and is very good accessible by public transport. Train is coming to a station that  is on 20 m from the guesthouse. Because the rule of protected area, cars are only allowed…

streets of Valletta

Valletta – Maltese historical and cultural center of Malta

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Malta is a very small island, on the very important point of the Mediterranean sea. As very strategical point Valletta and Malta were on many conquerers agenda. Ruled by many cultures from Romans, Greeks, Phenicians, Arabs , Templars  and at the enunded Brits. All this left a huge mark on the land. Valletta same as all other cities in Malta…

asia castles matsumoto

Asia castles- 5 most beautiful castles in Asia

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Asia is full with wonderful castles that are maybe not much popular like European but they are equal wonderful and fantastic. We made a list of 5 beautiful Asia castles. From Japan to China from Central Asia to Middle East we have some outstanding buildings. We dont have much space or time for all of them but we have for…

samet thailand

Thailand – vibrant culture and outstanding beaches

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Thailand is a country that posses some of the most beautiful and idyllic beaches in the world. This attracting many people through out the year. The weather , tropical climate is another factor that help Thailand to be the most popular tourist destination. Many websites out there have writen about Thailand but this is my view my experience from this…

digital nomads

Digital Nomads Top destination-part 2

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After writing about which digital nomads destination are the best for nomads to live and work i decide to write another part . Many locations out there are perfect for digital nomad places. Cost of living and of course speed of Internet connection and other living and working condition offered make difference for which place is good and which one…

underrated vacations-alanya

Underrated Vacation breaks- Top 6 less know vacations

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Its a summer and time for our vacations plans to kick in. Not always what is offer in the travel agencies catalog is what is best for us. We read a lot about well know resorts in the world but we also know that there i plenty of vacation trip destinations that are bit underrated. This my top 6 underrated…