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Bucket List, my personal choice- Part 1

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We all have some favorite place to visit. Our  bucket list is full with all kind of places that we want to be and we didnt have a chance before. This is my personal list of places where i would LOVEEEEE to go. They are so many place to explore but ill separate them in several articles 🙂 Bucket list…

Active volcanoes in Europe- Top 8 list

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Active volcanoes are pretty common thing in Europe. Most of them in north of Europe but there is also some active volcanoes across the continent . I make a list of 8 most wonderful and worth to see places in Europe. 1.Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland Active volcano like Eyjafjallajokull can caused thousands of flight delays when it erupted in 2010, so it…


Sibiu journey-Transylvania calling experience

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Sibiu and Transylvania calling were one of many trips to a festivals that i have in last 17 years .Im a dj since 2000, mainly i was playing in my country since 2004 when i first went out to play in Croatia. 2007 was my first party in Romania. Location was one and only Transylvania Alps, mystic and wonderful in…


Hostel94 experience in Malta

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This is the story about my experience in Hostel94 and fantastic relationship with the owners When i got the idea to go Malta first thing i was planing to do is to find a good place to stay. Malta was interesting place to me , never been and was some cheap flights to there so decision to go was easy…

Prishtina center

Trip to Prishtina- visiting the youngest country capital

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Pass a such long time since last time i was on Kosovo. First time was mainly transiting and stay few hours in the nature . I was back than on my way to Montenegro. This time was different i decide to meet a friend there and see Prishtina. Was a sunny Sunday, since the early morning day was outstanding and…

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Sustainable tourism- Eco trend or future

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On my blog i wrote several articles about eco tourism and reason why is a future way of traveling. As a huge fan of eco traveling and staying in eco hostels i decide to write about 5 best Sustainable hotels in the world. I made some research and come across some amazing places. The fact that more sustainable hotels are…

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Cats traveling with you- Guide how to travel with pets

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Some of us are so connected with their pets that can not leave them behind. Taking the pet in this case cause im cats lover and i know mainly for traveling with cats can be a quite a challenge. Some of preparation need to be taken. From preparing the cat to arranging the transport and accommodation for that cat. Preparation…

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10 cheap winter sun destinations

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Think you have to go far to find winter sun? Think again… Here are 10 places you can top up your tan and take advantage of cheap, off-season flight prices. Let’s go ☀️ 1. Tenerife The Canary Islands are probably the closest place to the UK to find winter sun, and Tenerife is tantalisingly temperate. With an average high of…

rome ancient

Rome -Place where ancient history meet modern time

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Many times is written for Rome, is one of the most popular travel destination and many of us already been there . For those who haven’t been yet there Rome is the place that must visit at least once in a lifetime. 2011 was the year when i been there . On my returning back from Switzerland i decide to…


Volunteering and traveling- Cheap way to travel around

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Its dream for all of us to travel around. Not always we have finance to do it but we always find way to do it. With the cheap flights we have a chance to travel further for less. Only thing that is bit a obstacle is the accommodation. Finding a cheap accommodation can be a hustle. But with volunteering can…